Saturday, 16 February 2008

Where is Sri Nagaraj?

After reluctantly agreeing to watch a 4 hour movie of "Jodha Akbar" (Partly because of the forcing and crying and threatening and.... and partly because I am an Aishwarya fan) I find myself with the entire gang criss crossing the streets that seem narrower than the width of my toilet and flooded with characters of people to kids to little chicken(Yeh hamara mulkh hain), whose sole purpose in life seemed to be get in the way of every vehicle on the road, to find the theatre I never thought I would ever visit in my life- Sri Nagaraj.The quest for Sri Nagaraj itself was an eventful one. First the mighty Pramukh had used the number provided by none other than the ever-so-reliable Nikhil to call up the theatre and confirm the dates...and then we had to find out where to go actually, in order to make it on time for the '5 O clock' show!Someone said that it was located in the City ( Oh really?wow! ) , a second person said it was near Central Library.A third person added that it was somewhere in Vijayanagar while my mum thought it was in S Layout.We now had the North-South-East-West but best of all was the person who thought that there was no such theatre in Mysore.
After much discussion and repeatedly taking directions from people we reached the place to find out that the show was actually at 5:45 and not 5.The "ever so reliable" Nikhil had given us the number to Thibbadevi instead.We had arrived at 4 to make it there "early" and "get the tickets before anyone else". .|.. ..|.

The magnitude of the movie's fan following hit us when we saw the line.It seemed miles long.(Duh! It was a saturday and the second day).People's eyes were red and eyelids heavy.All of them had the 'just gimme the ticket and I am ready to pass out' look.Some kids looked like they had spent their childhoods here in the line.They seemed ready to share with each other the fond memories about the time they joined the line.We joined the line too ,only to repeatedly pick up fights with all the @$$#()|3$ who choose to get in between the line[This is too much? ;) Gunah Kubool]. I never thought going for a movie would be anything but adventurous.Thankfully all the buttons on my shirt are intact.Kya kare janaab? Sab Allah marzi.
Everyone in the line for a change seemed to be amazingly tolerant of my imitation of the same actor we had come to watch.There were some die hard fans of Hrithik Roshan there...including our very own Rohit and I am just glad none of them teamed up to make Guru Manchurian as a Jodha Akbar special.
After waiting for 45 minutes the line that never moved ,we were kindly told to "Go to hell" because the tickets were sold out.
Inshaa Allah.
I bid my khudha-hafees to the theatre.

That's when we decided to take off to Karanji Lake hoping to catch the sight of a few snakes, crocs and other cold blooded animals, only to find too many hot blooded animals who seemed to be hell bent on extending their families at the lake itself.GOOD LORD!!!I am not going to that place again!I rather watch desperate housewives.
And then of course the usual betta which is the answer to every young Mysorean's boredom.

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  1. i kept wondering wat was the peacock doing as a display on ur article on jodha akbar........

    i just wish that ashutosh gowariker reads this sometime in his life...