Sunday, 10 February 2008

Who is Iceman??

Hi, how are you today?

Never been better, thank you

No messing around, Who is Iceman?

Oh he is just this stupid funny guy who was/is in my class/college/school/lives near my home.In short he is a total loser

Why is he a loser?

Oh, he just has no future mann! He is not serious about life or for that matter - anything.

Are you his friend? his dreams.

I have seen you speak quite a bit to him before

You know the guy is a fool, he has some really silly notions and swears by it.I just sometimes humour him.

So you gave an I.Q test to all you friends in the beginning?

F**K's none of your business.

And why is he a fool?

One look at him, even you will agree.

Is that all you do...humour him?

Well he is a joker you know...he is useful around

So you DO like having him around?

Ahhh no, he is a pervert , he might take too much credit. I am like - ' Dude!Crack your joke and get on your way ok? ' and he is like " Oh I am so funny,oh I am so funny " He never leaves!!!

Why don't you ask him to leave?

Oh how should I? why should I? I have my manners ok?Besides the other guys don't seem to mind!huh!

He considers you a friend, you know that?

I don't give a F**K what he considers me...c'mon, just because I spoke to him most of the time and also enjoyed his company sometimes it doesn't mean he can totally considered me a friend.
I am like " wohohohoooow , hold your horses buddy, where did that come from? "
The loser totally got into my head!!huh...damn him!!

He got into your head?

Ummm, did I say that? sorry lemme rephrase that...he got on top of my head!

Thank you for having seedi baat with us here...I am sure Iceman is a loser.The sooner he finds out, the better. It was wonderful having you here.Have a good day.

Thnx for having me here, the pleasure was all mine.I totally enjoyed.

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