Sunday, 30 March 2008

Hollywood quiz

It only seems fair to talk about our quiz in a dedicated entry :P
Today morning we were in for a rude shock.The venue(Drawing Hall 3) that was alloted to us for conducting Hollywood quiz was given to Bollywood quiz.
We had to be content with a mere "software lab 3" a place we were given earlier but had finally managed to salvage a better room with also the facility of a mic.

But nooooooo for some greaaaat reason everything was changed to something else.
And no, we were not even informed about it.We only found out because we saw a silly notice that went like " Bollywood Quiz. Test your BW quotient 11 AM , Drawing hall 3".
WOW!!Hats off to the Superrr duperrrr organising.

BTW...the main poster that was put up didn't feature or advertise only one....ONLY ONE event as part of points for guessing which event. :)

Anyway...every single person we had invited so far just appeared at the old venue instead of S/W lab 3.

Improvise my dear Watson...improvise...and that we did.In all the hurry-burry of practising for skits and preparing questions, I had never had time to personally invite any friends to take part...and that I started at 10:45 AM. The quiz was supposed to have taken off at 10:30AM

We needed to 13 teams or more to conduct a preliminary round...otherwise a prelim was not needed.
Our status has stayed put on 8 teams registering from 10:50 to 10:59 AM.I just throw my gaze at the S/W 3 for a moment and suddenly I see about 6 more teams walking in hordes into the lab.
I run in and start praying that I don't get more teams anymore...we just couldn't accomodate so many teams.SHIT :P

Anyway..some really smart teams showed up and I kept fearing a tie and everything looked set to bring in a tie breaker.
Batta screwed up once and then it looked like there would be some protest.yeah right!The chick with the super fake accent looked like she could kill Batta with her answers.
A quiz that was supposed to be won by a team of super brains Akshit and Prashali ( Who looked like they owned the place - from the beginning ) was won by other teams.
No regrets.

I will still shout at the end of the day that "Ace rocks"


  1. Anywayz the show went on smoothly nd lets just 'maaf-kardiyajaay'-- the coordinators( I know they did a blunder). We tried to give the best shot nd I think we fairly succeeded in that.. Above anything-we r satisfied by the way the show went on... :), aren't we?