Friday, 28 March 2008

If it wasn't said...

There is a saying in kannada - Mutthu odidare hoythu, maathu adidare hoythu. It means, once a pearl is shattered , once something is already said, You can't change it cant set it right!

There must be a lot of occassions when I have said things I regret.Being a person who speaks out his mind without a second thought or simply an 'extrovert' as some choose to call me, I have pretty much never learnt how to hold back my true expressions.But the trouble doesn't end there...I have ended up saying things completely opposite to things I wanna say.I have said things I don't believe in and it has landed me in soups thicker than jelly belly.

But have there been any such days when you have heard someone else say something bad about you directly or indirectly? You hear someone very close to you say something negetive about you and this just makes you think so much that YOU start wishing the person had not said it...(forget the one who has said it)?

Consider a man is going through a not-so-good time and he tries to find happiness in small things in life.Now one of his close friends complain that he brags a lot.The "bragging" drastically reduces.Now you start wondering whether the guy stopped bragging or stopped sharing things with you? Would it be the same if it wasn't said?
If only it wasn't said...

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  1. hell i know wat ur talking abt!!!!
    since ive myslef gotten into plenty of trouble lately by speaking wats on my mind