Monday, 3 March 2008


It's all about yap-yap.
Shut up!!
When will peeepuhuh-al learn not to put all their eggs in one basket????
Well if ya got just one, then make an omlette outta it...but puh-leeeeeeeeeeze not this brother.
First a guy acts girlish, tries to mock the rock-hard doc behind my back.Hey ya got balls? Why doncha do it on ma face bugga?Now I see you've shut the *ahem* up.Good!
And then today morning I learn I am a bloody groupist.Shame on me.Burn me Burn me.
Later ofcourse, all sorts of nuisance that you gotta put up with when everything is transparent,at least to yourself.
Hey used your brains, but whats the use?
Keep saying that,I'm gonna jam my foot up your @$ , thats the use.
A record of having never fallen from the bike...finally broken, I take a fall at the bake point circle(Technically-but no big deal).
Tear my jeans.Now I have seen everything.
"Ice is gone now, you can come here "(Actual line: hu Ice hoda, neeniga baa ) . Okay, I have heard everything.
Now I am supposed to be upset..oh do you know me at all?
Its the time of twisted twists and hairpin bends, life is now all so topsy turvy...DON'T PUT ALL YOUR EGGS IN ONE BASKET.

My best thoughts are re-assured...I'm safe with my friends!
It's been a memorable day :)

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