Sunday, 9 March 2008

So many wannabees

The revolutionary new movie...revolutionary in what way?
1 in every 20 girl we come across now wants to be like Geeth from Jab we met.

*When I was in 1st standard ,1 in every 2 guys wanted to be John Rambo...
*2nd standard it was Hulk Hogan.

*10th standard....I almost completely lost it then watching all those guys who wanted to be Mr.Bean.Good lord, what next?
With films getting better,the future then looked bright and then came Jab we met.
COME ON girls,if everything in the movies could be so easily copied and implemented then you would be probably kidnapped by 20 ugly looking rowdies and rescued by a handsome hero at least two times by now.Twice because the male-female ratio is pretty bad in India.You would also carry your books in your arms rather than in your backpack so that you can bump into a guy at every corner and let them fall.Ah so Filmy.You know the rest!

All these brown-eyed cum brown-teethed girls now want to be loud ,over-excited and talkative and ("playfully") falling on top of every guy she meets just because its...bubbly and cheerful and sooooooo GEETH! When someone raises an eyebrow it suddenly becomes "I am just enjoying myself " or "This is how I am!!" .Oh really madam? where were 'you' till Jab we met released? and why-o-why don't u fall on top of the girls too?
All the guys who love the so-called 'touching-touching' flock to all the newly found Geeth wannabes.Hurray...India Shining!
We already had the Britney Spears or Paris Hilton wannabes ,now this is just a more indigenous wannabe I guess(As I said - India Shining)."Thu I am not like those girls" still refuses to die down.:P . Anyway we all know this is not what Geeth's character really is like, she is infact just an ultimate fun loving girl.

Not to mention all the kids across India who now claim to dyslexic or just want to be( I already told you about this).

Thankfully no guys want to be the nice chubby gay looking guy from JWM.But what the hell they want to be Vin Diesel from 'XXX' and the 'Fast and the Furious' or to get more indigenous again - Dhoom and D:2 which were a poor hollywood remakes in the first place) we go again...a 100CC Bajaj bike turns into a mean mean racing fall and he is a gallant gladiator flaunting his injury.
Then of course the Casanova wannabes who manage to get one girl to reply to him properly after 6 semesters in the college and think..."wohohow am I on a roll or what? ".Well when JWM released I guess it made their lives.

And oh, there are other wannabes too..not just filmy.There is the 'American' wannabe...and the 'American-turned-Spaniard-turned -god knows what-turning into -god knows what next' wannabe ,the only wannabe who(which) is in my class I guess.A bunch of rowdy wannabes.No dearth of rock star so "interesting" this bunch,always talking about rock-stars who made songs whose lyrics they couldn't grasp by just listening to the song and wanna head-bang just because it is supposed to be kewl rather than to enjoy the song.I know one such wannabe who took to drinking heavily just because a rock music bar or whatever-the-hell-you-call-it-bar came up in the city.Until then he had sworn to never touch anything that classified as containing alcohol.Dude!Get a life!

I guess its wannabes who run colleges...because 1/3rds of a college population is full of them.Besides they form a huge part of my entertainment.Without them, college would be boring.

I love the character Geeth from JWM,
I like Mr.Bean,
I like some of the rockstars,
I like Americans and Spaniards...some and definitely not Bush,
I love Rambo,
I like Vin Diesel a lot,
This not-so-appease-all entry does not mean I have anything against anybody...its just the wannabes that I am talking about and most importantly none of the wannabes that I have spoken here about know that this blog even exists, which is why I wrote it in the first place! ;)


  1. anna.......can u please give me the numbers and names of those wannabe-geeth-girls...?? please please pleaseeeeeeeeeeee.........!!!

  2. Brown-eyed cum brown teethed Geeths?
    Superrrrr bumperrrr taste nindu