Saturday, 15 March 2008

Spam anyone?...anyone?'s everywhere.EVERYWHERE!
I use the 'report spam' button much much more than any other button!

At first were the spam that were hell bent on getting you to open their mail so that we could view the "hot babe" or "Awesome aunty" picture sent by some stranger who probably is so generous that he wanted to show it to everyone, even people he didn't know.Well what he didn't know was that there weren't too many people who would fall for that trick.

Then came the spam that read "IMPORTANT!!!!!!!!" ( '!' to the power of infinity) or "MUST READ!!!!!!"(again) or " OPEN SOON" all of which had " dont give a crap about me, just delete me" written all over them.

Third was an era of spam which were from people so concerned about you that they wanted you to enhance parts of your anatomy that didn't even exist!How sweet....but I think I'll pass.

Now its the invasion of invitations.No wonder.Every 100th person in India seems to be opening a networking site and I get an invite from a site I have not even heard of each day and every now and then I hear myself saying...

* - oh really? good luck!

* like orkut better!

* - WHAT!?!?!?!

* .......I dont care how many SMS you can send , just dont send me an invite

* I havent even heard of this god-damned site brother so take a hike.

* no I dont want a soft drink or got coconut water?

* oh nobody told ya honey? that stuff doesnt work

* arre khoon choos ke jhoos join karvaoge kya shaane?

* one more mail from you and I'll Zorp-ya!

*dont "challenge" me to a "dropout challenge" - even my dog can beat you at it(too much?) ;)!

*No I am not waiting to join -

* me....what?....what are ya gonna think of next?

*Stumbleupon... - re:Hi dude! I got your invite, thnx.Anyway, who the hell are you and how did you get my email ID?

* the hundredth zillionth millionth time.I am already there, leave me alone!

* invitation is gonna expire sign up my I'm so glad you told me just in time!

...and my discovery of new sites is still going on, I have decided to write a book now.Maybe Ill soon be on Oprah with a book that is titled something like "How spam changed my life" or something like that with everybody in the audience nodding their head as if they understand something and then finally have everybody but me in tears mainly because they thought Oprah would give them all free cars but ended up getting my book.

I am awaiting the next generation of spam that will keep me busy with the report spam button.

Disclaimer:This silly entry does not endorse in any way directly or indirectly or in-indirectly any of the stupid sites published along with it.It has been published purely to vent out the writers frustration over spam.Thank you for bearing with us.God bless you.
PS:Please do come back and read the next one.

;P ;P

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