Sunday, 30 March 2008


Well...I dunno what to say except for that title.
A hot hot (tempered) ACE co-ordinator 'TELLS' us that we are getting on stage in 45 minutes for a mock-rock competition and going there was a must.
Next 45 minutes went as follows:

5...we are speaking to the ever screaming Co-ord and she was shouting at everything as usual.

10...we are trying to confirm who all are getting on stage with the NaXatra Gang.Plans were to combine groups with another gang called Punarvidhi but the organisers wanted two seperate participations from these two gangs.

15...Akshit(Punarvishi Gang) is applying Mehndi to the chicks

20...Akshit is applying Mehndi to the chicks

25...Akshit is applying Mehndi to the chicks

30...Akshit is applying Mehndi to the chicks and I finally confirm that he is getting on stage with us.I ask him to get their song for us...great, the song is taken care of.Lets head to Keshava's place.

35...we get a lungi from Keshava's place and a bat,a head scarf and two pairs of goggles from my room.

40...the co-ord is shouting as usual and we pick up some more props lying around the stage and the dressing room:
A film Banner that said: Krazy
A long insulation pipe thingy.
A piece of Garden hose.
and we also fetch my helmet, Rohit's rain cap to go along with our get-up ;)
Our "Miss.TechNIEks" applies a long 'naama' on my forehead with a lip-liner to make me look more horrible than ever.

45...5 of us backstage are waiting for 5 more to join us before our part begins....and we hear a familiar voice say "...and our next performers are NaXatra!!!!!! Please give them a big hand"
I pluck the stalk of a plant and tuck it in my jeans and jump onto stage...

6 minutes of heavy metal[\m/] + slow romantic songs[ ;p ]

We win second place!

To be honest yesterdays win in the skit didn't seem like a win at all, because the script was written specifically for a prize rather than response.Besides lemme mention that there were only 4 teams for skit, out of which one was DQ and the other was too dumb.We were numero uno among a small bunch of clowns except ofcourse for the team that won second place.
Success was what I felt today...the realisation I hope is quick and painless.I don't want any of this to get to my head, even though we only came feels like first!

I went there to ensure it was a time to was better than I expected.


  1. Congratulations on 2nd place! :)

  2. congrats buddy!!...but hey c'mon how can u even say that d co-ordinator screamed at everything??i knw her well man nd she never yells !!!!!!!!!!!! :P