Monday, 24 March 2008

Tick tock tick

Man time flies!

1)I am yet to assign a notebook where I will pretend to/ attempt to take notes in the class
2)I am yet to start feeling guilty about not wearing uniform to the college
3)I am yet to buy all of my books
4)I am yet to keep a diary for 2008
5)...yet to 'clean' and 'rearrange' my room for a 'new' look
6)...yet to recollect my holidays
7)...yet to start rehearsing the full form of PPL, SSM , USP and I forgot the abbreviations of the other subjects.
Please Program(now at least) Language ??
Simply sumne Machine?
U!!!! Shut uP ???

8)...yet to start wondering about how many DVDs I should have burnt in the hols
9) many movies I should have finished watching...

and here is the end of first internals and the word that 6th sem is now unofficially over!!!
There was even a photo session...huh!

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