Monday, 28 April 2008

Kudhremukh - The pics

So the pics the pics the pics...I have been talking about it offline online everywhere...and here they are!

(more pics soon...keep watching this space...meanwhile...)

Batta and Chai on the way to!
I have absolutely no idea what that hand was doing there!!!

The Road to el Dorado

Pati Patni or woh..baccha!
Our class people are so good that they decided having a teacher on board would be great.

We started at 11pm...the journey through the silent dark night was awesome!This was where we stopped when the eggheads got lost.The sky looked awesome too!

Them countrymen get more channels than me...even Disney Channel..sheesh!

Our bus was moving at such a high rate of speed that we needed a 1000 frames per second camera to capture this notice board that said "DRIVE SLOW"

Kudre Mukh :)

A misty morning awaits us as we logout of the lodge after a long ride!

Pradeep: Official brand ambASSador of S.R.S travels (Now making million$, unavailable for other endorsements)

This not a scene from Africa...this was before our breakfast at the national park!

Thats the crowd...well not even half of it but there is a big chunk of our class

Make your own road!!

7 of the 9 brave men ( ;p) who made it to the brook far down below!

And finally...what The brook really looked like!Trust me..its much much better to be there!

You see the mountains they are facing? They are called Brokeback mountains!

They were like this when I got there 'A few good men'....That's Elton John in between!

When they saw me...they quickly changed postures!

By far the noisest bunch on the planet!

Hanumangundi Falls...what you see below!

Hanumangundi Falls...what you see above!

They say the best of drinks come on the rocks....cheers!

Take me home and you can have the hostages!

Just take me home!

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