Friday, 11 April 2008

Kudremukh- Cont'd: The Brook

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All of us had our minds on a brook down in the middle of the forest that we could not see but we could definitely hear from the top!(It looked something like this -> click here ...but only better :) )True to our own words we made it down.Proud enough as it is, I led the pack ( :) ) and found a way where the not so athletic could also make it down with us...but as it turned out, not many followed us.
Nature lover that I am, the place was a paradise for me.The brook which seemed like hardly it was visited by even 3-4 people a year was free from the slightest hint of garbage.Flooded with bird calls, green, sounds of rustling leaves, babbling sound of the water and everything right that could fit in a serene place!
We washed our face and feet and finally got into the first photo op that seemed valid and the best one at that, as I realised after the trip.I made sure I caught a small animal in the water that I had seen just once before , again in a stream in Ghats, but never seen it in books,TV or net...which is why it makes me so curious everytime.Amidst girlish calls of "Please don't hurt it....please don't kill it" ( I felt like I was a wanton butcher or something)we managed to take a picture of the slippery little thing in my hands and then let it back into the brook!

We all wanted to go on ahead , cross the brook and finally climb the tallest peak in the range, but we were under the assumption that we were already late and we didn't want to hold up the rest of the group travelling with us.The way up was different from the way down since we didn't have to worry about people who couldn't climb steep slopes.After getting back up, we finally realised that we were not late at all.There were people still enjoying the beauty of the place from the top,AT THE TOP.We felt bad at missing out on the opportunity of climbing that peak.On the way back we took some rest under the shade of a tree and then the beauty of that peak sunk in.

We got back to the place where the rest of the pack had already returned.They were playing some games and were having fun.I could hear shouts of "Illaaaaaaaaaa....Illaaaaaaaaaa" ( and pretty much only that from a distance.I'm serious...thats all I could hear!

We the left to a much talked about dam.We were supposed to have lunch there.And when we got there after a half an hour drive...all we could say was."DAMN!!! This is the dam?? "
Anyway...thats only because it was bone dry!But if you have a good eye, it was actually a good view to watch all the silt settled evenly on the huge stretch of land.Partly reminded me of the views from Salt lake city,Utah...but definitely not as good!I tried getting down to the bed for just-one-pic the only time in the whole trip(or in months for that matter) I even tried to get a pic of myself, but we came to know it was illegal, and I was back up in a flash.Everybody scattered around pretty fast.The were hills all around.I again turned into the photographer.It was a good photo op too...and Batta seemed to be striking a perfect pose fit to the desert like place...and was waiting for someone to take a pic soon...which I did.(This I will definitely put up).As it turned out..there was no food there yet and we had to go elsewhere for that.So the stop was over in 20 minutes...Hanumangundi falls here we come.

At the entrance of the falls...we were finally served our food.A moment before people began revolt ,protest, throw stones, burn tires, overturn the vehicles and burn effigies out of the delay.
Chitraanna and Mosranna(Curds and rice) with sandige.The first trade secret of the catering business if you recall is, ' Ask all the terribly hungry people to stand in an orderly line in a civilized manner, then serve food to all the others first! ' . The second one I learnt during lunch and it was 'Ask all the terribly hungry people to form two lines as in 'boys' and 'girls' because "It will be easier to maga", and then after 20 minutes of waiting and after one of the lines has grown a mile long ask the members of the shorter line to join the longer one, again because "It will be easier to serve maga!!" ' . Well they learnt the third trade secret from me and that is 'When the terrible hungry people are also steaming , you better shut up and serve! ' .None of us went and joined the new line from the beginning.
Anyway, the monkeys there reminded me of a lot of people.And some of them seemed to be really interested in scratching the hell outta my face!The foood was goood as was the breakfast unlike the last we went on a trip in 5th sem.

BTW, just to remind you people, the fact that I have not mentioned the words "There was a delay in getting started..." more than once, so far doesn't really mean there wasn't any.Its implied in any trip in our case.You are supposed to understand that I will have to mention those words about 7-8 times more if I have to be honest in this article.Keeping that in mind lets continue down to Hanumangundi falls.

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  1. i really missed that small stream ..i was following u guys but i heard someone shouting " There is no way .dont come further" the very same time one guy who was standing on the top of the hill (couldnt see properly) said "everyone is here" ..i started my journey to the hill ..when i saw the photos i thought i missed the stream for 2 reasons
    1-> it was a small stream amidst the deep forest like place
    2-> i was desperately in need of water :D
    the food was tasty & as mentioned by guru , there were some catering rules ...who cares , i ate thrice :P ...

  2. Yeah, they must charge you extra for food from now on :P