Friday, 11 April 2008

Kudremukh- cont'd: Hanumangundi Falls

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We had to climb down hundreds of steps among 'fears' of leech bites to get to the falls.I was least bothered about leeches.Obviously any leech that bites me gets all its blood sucked out from its body into mine instead of vice versa.I'm sure most leeches were aware of that, since I have never been bitten despite having visited some of the most leech infected areas before.

The way down was awesome...full of green.Green everywhere.Cool...moist!Superb!

We got to the falls...I'm being honest here...for me, it was ordinary!I heard there was a better view slightly higher.Though there were steps to it, I went there by climbing rocks(not a big deal) and that too FOR ME was ordinary!I was wondering why we came so far for that.I just ensure that my feelings didn't stop anyone from enjoying themselves, though I am usually very vocal about stuff.It was time to get wet for a lot of people and get wet they did...I never wanted to get in there, because I wasn't sure I will get a proper place to change later on.But I didn't get wet for a lot of other reasons (which have nothing to do with any promise I made to mum or anyone :) ).To top it all, I was the one took pictures of the bunch finally.I did remove my shoes, roll up my pants and wade in slightly because a few of them specifically called out to me,but returned soon.I called my pals off at exactly 4, because that was our time limit...but I never really expected them to pay heed.

Downstream, I heard my pal Shambu had hurt himself.He had chipped off a nail in a freak accident.Thats one of the injuries that suck the most!!I just recalled that while picking him on the way to college the previous night, I had promised his extremely worried parents that I won't get into the water as I had done to my mum too.They were very worried about I was wondering how they would react at home when they see him with a heavy bandage on his toe.

I went back down the same route to see him.He was a mess.I just felt bad about it.A sucking feeling I can't explain.

Soon, the driver sent the cleaner or whatever to call us back up.Everybody took so long in changing into drier clothes mainly because its in their nature to cause a delay and partly because the changing room totally sucked!So some of us just decided to return instead of waiting for our friends so that the drivers and the rest of the bunch wont get restless.

Back up...back to out theme...





Finally a good reason to stop and that was to get Shambu treated at a hospital.Some pain killers and dressing, we were good to go.A few minutes of of the western ghats...and some pretense of being in sleep and we stopped again...this time for dinner!
Puliyogre if memory serves and then Chitranna since the mosranna was out before I got there...and lots of onions, because " Innu thumba ide" (Lots are left out).We manage to drop a wooden work of art into the sewers while eating.When are done with that and are good to go home...





The driver was delayed so much that he wanted extra pay for it.WHATEVER?????JUST GET US HOME WILL YA?

Anyway, the theme carried on and someone finally said "Lets head home".Oh really?Mann...I could never think of that!A while later I managed to briefly catch a network area to call home on Pradeep's cell.I told them go have dinner and go to sleep without me.

The drive back was sleepless..Some bloke found great pleasure sleeping next to me on the floor with his face right next to my feet.I spent the next 4-5 hours trying NOT to kick him on the face by mistake while trying to wink some sleep.The posture gave me cramps all over my body.I found out there was no way to sleep like that!In the whole bus for huge part of the trip from, it seemed like I was the only one awake and it bored the living hell outta me!At one point I wanted to slap 5-6 people off from their sleep and tell them to talk to me.

To sum up the whole trip, I will say it was good...though I would say Kemmangundi was better. But honestly..the trek down to the brook was the best for me...something I actually enjoyed.A memory of a lifetime.Something I can recall and talk about for the rest of my life.Too sad all my friends couldn't get to see it.I don't really wanna speak too much about it and make anyone jealous, but thats how good it was!
The complete trip was one to remember, considering this might be the last trip.Besides after this the "Worst year"(as predicted) for placements is set to tear people apart.'Trip' in the real sense was what this was!For the last time :|

Believe it or go to hell, our journey was supposed to be 24 hours or less!After all the dust settled the watch said 31 hours!!!Our bus pulled up in front of the college...I got my bike back from the pay and park.All friends had left home in a I had pretty much nothing left to hang around for.I let the engine roar..and zip home.
Moments later I am inside my room,too tired to answer mum's questions...and I dive into my bed and I am fast asleep.The only thing 'fast' in the last 32 hours.I sleep like a dead man!

Please bear with all the grammatical and spelling mistakes that have/may have occurred in the article, I may have missed out some letters/words while typing in a hurry, which is usually the case while writing long posts like this one! :D
Thank you!



  1. Hanumangundi falls was fun as well as we had bad news when i came to know our Shambhu got hurt his toe...The funniest thing is that our ma'm started to swim like one of the Olympic competitor :D ..
    if u dint get sleep , u couldve said one of ur " HORROR " stories :) ..we were waiting for someone to say horror stories at but we missed that ...
    anyways ,trip was good and so is this article :)

  2. I don't think we can have fun like this next time even if we go...who knows?

  3. THANK YOU VERY MUCH......!!!!!!!

    to u n kavs for filling me up with all the vital details of the trip to make sure i have a complete picture of the trip's goings in my mind.i'm mighty glad you guys had fun...!!!!!!!!!

  4. Hey!!! Loved reading through your post. Was thinking of going to Kudremukh myself. Gr8 job on capturing the whole mood... ;)