Friday, 11 April 2008


That's the place where we went for our class trip: Kudremukh.Once famous for it's splendid beauty then known for Iron ore reserves and it's mining, then known for beauty spoiled by the mining!
It was a class trip that I almost never went for.It was a class trip that none of my friends almost never went for.In the last moment everybody changed minds and seemed like I was the only one who would be stuck here in Mysore.Well..that also changed a moment later than that.
I was never given the permission to go, at home...but I went anyway!

As expected our Departure was hours behind schedule.Mind you "Behind Schedule" will be like theme of this trip rather than Kudremukh itself! The silly photo sessions right in front of our college (Which we see every single day) were not helping either, especially when everyone seemed to be taking over 20 pics there itself. The trip to, was the beginning I was just glad to play the role of a photographer during a bumpy part of the journey(And no, I wont be posting THOSE pics here for sure), but later as everyone settled ,the best of my buddies were around and we just couldn't stop chatting with(teasing,joking,laughing,poking,fighting,almost killing ;) each other.
-Some of us were just interested in cracking jokes
-Others in laughing at them
-Another in teasing Mr.Romantic ;) -No points for guessing who n with what!
-and finally he wanted to send me to hell ASAP when he went into "Thats all I can stands for,I can't stands no more" mode!
Meanwhile a lot of people at the back finally realised that I do posses a deep and clear voice
(and also probably an irritating one) when they got to hear complete details of the so-called horror story from a haunted house in Kerala (about two sexy female ghosts who were playing games in the middle of the night on their balcony) which I sincerely attempted at narrating softly to only those interested and sitting around me!

The trip was loooong 6 hours.And a few eggheads managed to be left behind when we stopped for a break at a city on the way.That delayed us about 45 minutes more!

When the trip to was over, a red-eyed bunch checked into hotel rooms supposedly for an hour.I just cuddled up and went to sleep instead of fighting for a place in the bathroom.Everyone were so brotherly that they were busy with 'massbrushing' and maybe a lot of other things that I am happy I missed when I went to sleep.The bathroom sucked...mainly because I managed to forget my brush,soap and a tube of paste in it, but also because it was too small to squeeze into and on top of that...the door was not strong enough to keep the people on the other side of it, on the other side!Sleep, I didn't really cause more people were interested in knowing who I was and why I was sleeping like that than completing their own morning duties.After I finally got ready and got down...not many seemed to be up and we were getting hungry.

It took about an hour after that to leave towards the Kudremukh National Park.Once there we had our breakfast (FINALLY!!!). And I learnt two very important trade secrets of the catering business.The first one is, "Ask all the terribly hungry people to stand in an orderly line in a civilized manner, then serve food to all the others first!".The next one I learnt during lunch and I will reveal when we get to that part!
After the breakfast (Chapathis and Gojju) we started climbing those peaks.It didn't seem like too many were interested were getting up there so soon and a couple of my buddies seemed a bit slow for me.So I just went on ahead with those who were keeping up...a bad decision as I learnt later.Because most of them never made it to all the places we went.Which was the whole essence of the journey for me.

We, and we as in 9 men,were challenged by some on our way down..." You going down? hehe good luck :P "...." Mark my words, you can never get there"..."THERE IS NO WAY DOWN THERE...HUH STREAM MY @$" .All we could say to them was
......." We make our own road"

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