Thursday, 10 April 2008

Libre 08

Well...a lot of good things happened here at this opensource fest.
A lot of tech talks...most good!Being the most interested- least knowledgeable about linux and opensource ;), I decided I should attend all.I did attend most!

Speakers from Solaris, Fedora, Novel software, Google were all there. It was a good 3 days.
The best was the treasure hunt where our team won second place. :)
I wasn't even in the team...I sneaked in at the very last moment before the start of the race.Half an hour later we came second.
Anyway it was said the prize money would be 1.2k and in the end it was reduced and re-reduced to 400 bucks...we are like well why don't you just keep it?

Anyway...the talks were worth the while...the speakers made them so.

The links we came to know of during the talks:


Join - Fedora Project Wiki

Python Tutorial

Dive Into Python

K Desktop Environment - Be free

Home at

We were given more links that don't work ,they went like :

You can try them...maybe you will get luckier :D

Hope the links will help for some of you!

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