Thursday, 29 May 2008

Aspirations 2020

With some interest and lots of luck me and Benne Batta (BB- not to be mistaken for any other abbreviation ) make it into Aspirations 2020 for a general quiz, which is pretty much certain as far as, we all knew , we would go.From then onwards it was just a roadtrip to Blore where the fest would be held.
An entire bus full of friends, quite an insane gang , all qualified for different events, sleepy eyed but still insane enough left Mysore at 5:30 something after the ever late lecture-in-charge failed to make it on time.

Breakfast at 9. We had to wipe our plates with tissue paper about 3 times, just because everyone were doing it and finally we realised that those plates were originally PURE WHITE as against the light brown we had assumed it to be.

What happens next is the crowning moment of our Blore Roadtrip. We are talking about horror movies and all sorts of nail biters, Rubs doesnt seem very amused , so,I ask Rubs if she would be scared if I go 'Boo!' and I get a big laugh and a bigger no!

I haven't even seen a kangaroo jump like that before!And then I spend the next half an hour running away from a mad mad Rubs who wants to eat me alive.Well that was scarier than any horror movie and if it WAS recorded, she would never watch it!

And ofcourse, not to mention the " I'll KILL YOU" statement that is ringing in my ear as I write this blog!

Our quiz goes pretty much okie dokie with every single answer being "on the tip of my tongue" and yet failing to drop onto the paper below.So much for the team name of NaXatra (Marketing they call it) , cause at the end of the quiz we were just seeing stars.

Lunch at 2, perhaps!
More wiping, hey come on, it generates quite an apetite for the lunch that awaits.
Or maybe GAT thought of an "Earn ya lunch" concept!God knows.

Finals later...NIE storms through and ends up with 115 in all.The second placed team is at 10 in while the 3rd place team is on -5

I had two coupons, which meant I could have the awesome heavenly cake twice! But then there was the super stale samosas from yesteryears that I had to make sure would reach someone's belly.National waste to throw it away you see!
I managed to find a taker, and it was gone in 60 seconds.But wait, the story doesnt end there...
Looks like not too many digged the idea of munching on fossil Samosas so there were a lot of them left. Who you gonna call?
There is something stale, in the neighbourhood, who ya gonna call? Batman Batta!

I have never seen anybody gobble up so many stale anythings ever before in my life.When I heard the breaking news that Batta had swallowed 5/6 of them , I thought it was just another exaggerated joke about Batta, amazingly enough it was true.We decided to leave Bangalore before Aaj Tak arrived with TV Cameras.

On the way home it was time for Dares!
Bull game...cause you don't win even when you win.I was asked to speak to a gal at the front for 5 minutes.Among the half a score eggheads yelling at me there, one wanted me to talk rubbish, other wanted me to talk complete sense.One wanted me to introduce myself to her, other wanted me to not do any of that.And a pretty big bunch just wanted to see me lose!

I went and started speaking to her and she was a cool gal, she was speaking well, infact she seemed like she was trying to beat me at speaking.In the end my dare was cancelled in between for (real) reasons unknown to man.The reason actually given sounded like the Noida police trying to cover up their stupid errors,
" You spoke a lot of sense"
no no " You spoke a lot of rubbish" no" You didnt intro",
no no " You intro'd"

The gravity of "I wanna see you lose" campaign was realised when people who didn't even watch all started arguing that I didn't win.COME ON!! I lose in lots of things every single day...why pick on me when I actually win something! Kill joys!

The best of all was
" You need to know the person before itself in order to complete the dare"

WOW, you didn't tell me that Magic was involved, or time travel rather.If I knew that this dare would be thrown onto me, I would have tried to get to know her a month in advance!
Ofcourse after this Rubs gave her own shot at this awe inspiring game by simply cheating("Hello, this is a dare, my dare is to ask you silly questions, so can I go ahead with it?or even better just shake your head as if you are speaking, my dumb friends wont even realise the difference") , you know what they say - If ya ain't cheating, ya ain't trying!

Soon we are in Mysore and insane-o-gang head away in different directions towards home sweet home.

Disclaimer: This is a completely non-fictional story, any resemblence to characters in the article purely by reality and not at all by co-incidence.Any non-resemblence is deeply regretted and complaints are NOT welcome.Keep your verifications to your creative imaginations where I can lose every single second of your dreams.Please DO come back and read the next one ;p

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