Sunday, 4 May 2008

Mock Placements

It's been a while eh?
Well I have kept myself busy.Good I s'pose? I'll be telling you about all the things that kept me busy soon, but for today let me write about the latest buzz in the insane world and that is the Mock placements.

Last sem when we embarked upon this all important mock placements I was so excited to get through every bit of it.I had a safe aggre too.This time it all seemed confusing.

Yesterday I wrote the aptitude test and attended a safe 30 Questions with full interest and made sure I didn't write my name on the answer sheet when I handed it over.Why? Because I didn't want to be selected.Why? Because I didn't have formals and I just didn't want to be selected.
I began to answer my technical paper with full interest in between which the guy gets up and asks "Anyone didn't write their name on the paper?....gel pen...?? ".Having 'Strict actions' (RDK) at the back of my mind I just decided to own up.

Plan B: I have answered about 25 Questions...scratch upto 10 of the answers and write new answers, only if you are sure you are marking the wrong answer.
Why? Do I need to keep telling you?

I walk out and even convince the PC to ensure I am not passed through.Later I decide to stick around to hear the results of my buddies who are actually interested in getting in.
Voila...I'm in!

* Shift+all the num keys! *

0900hrs IST,

I walk into the seminar hall find out my GD group and time and et al.
I walk into the GD as and when asked and then bang bang, Im banged for not appearing in formals.
Ego clash:
"Why are you not in formals?Shall I throw you out?"
"huh! Sure, throw me out"
"Weren't you told about this before? You aren't interest in your placements and career? I think I should throw you out! "


Santhosh Nag pitches in for support and I just decide to respect that and stay for GD.
Just for the record, I didn't have formal shoes, not that I just decided to show up in a pair of Reeboks.

GD starts, topic - IPL boon or bane?

GREAT!!! I had to sit with my lips so pursed that it would give you the impression that they were glued together and watch 10 other members make points that barely touch upon the debate (on my favourite sport) according to me.A funny crow's crow and a vigorously nodding Thama later, time's up and I am asked to conclude.Keeping quite now seems like an arrogant gesture, so I sign off like a news-person with a 2 line conclusion.

Voila...I'm in!

Just for the record, my group no was 13 just like it was in the last sem.Just for the record, I actually made some valid points last time and was eliminated.

I wait,

and wait,

and wait some more.


I went home for lunch.I come back at 1:45pm...

I wait,

and wait,

and wait some more.

Finally at 4 O'clock and god knows how many minutes, I am called for the technical interview.

The technical round went well ,but probably made me rethink my placement aims.

One cup of mango juice with pulp, later, I walk into the HR round.

Favourite movie?

The Matrix.
Next 20 minutes, discussion about The Matrix!


Blah blah blah blah!

Cricket? Then how much your mouth was locked during GD today morning?
I am shocked...the "HR" was the judge for the GD today morning!
I soon give in and tell them I didn't want to make it through GD just because I didn't wanna be banged around for not wearing formals.
Sheesh!! And I get comments such as "Improve confidence level" for feedback!



  1. next time , if there is any mock placements like this , get ready with ur formals and more important thing is study well coz if u want to answer wrong , u need to know which answer is wrong :D .. " u need to study well to get eliminated & it doesnt require any efforts/studies to write correct answers :D " ...
    anyways , u got ur strenghts, weeknesses , areas where u have to concentrate .... just work on that ..
    All the best :)

  2. heehee!
    Thats funny alright!