Wednesday, 28 May 2008

The bday treat

Well, best man P had his b'day on that clash of the big bdays!But luck would have it that his punk tail would fall sick on the same date.
He comes to Mysore from Kasargod through a sleepless journey and then next morning Bday boy is all gung ho about going to betta.Well waddaya know?huh!
The treat is pushed from then to later to latest because of the all important voting of mass companies thingy. Finally yesterday we do find ourselves all setup and ready and it turns out to be an eye opener...
we find out a lot of things:

1) Pramukh doesn't need to be drunk to be drunk!
Near the zoo he suddenly stops his bike , points at some dark gully , where no man has gone before and yells " I can see some light there, come on lets go there, EVERYONE COME ON"
All of us give puzzled looks and he yells again " Come on I can see some light there, lets all go there"

2) I can eat.
Well I didn't say it completely because I didn't want ya to fall off your chairs, it was actually supposed to read, I CAN EAT 7 ROTTIS.

3)Batta stomach does have an end, it does get full - occassionally.
We were expecting the owner to start crying and begging when it was decided that the treat would be at an 'all you eat' kinda place.Cause we had heard a myth that Batta can never really have a full stomach. MYTH BUSTED!

4)Hotel Siddhartha sucks!
We wait for about half an hour like cold blooded animals waiting for already dining people to leave their tables and when the moment of truth comes, we are told by the waiter with somewhat rude behaviour that there is nothing we can eat.It felt like we had come to some kind of government office for some government work!
Well, if there was any use that the hotel came to in that half an hour apart from letting me know the IPL scores was that I used their bathroom.Ofcourse that was not a great incident either what with an uncleji singing some marwari song at the top of his voice in that 8X8 restroom!

All in was good, goood! Only because of drunk old P!Nothing else....cheers!


  1. The b'day fest was really great :)
    Finally my stomach found the bottom eh ? LOL ...Actually the music that was playing in the background stopped..I cudnt concentrate on the ROTIS :P ...but it did fill my stomach :D
    anyways , thanks to Pramukh for the b'day party .
    Hotel Siddartha sucks. I only washed my hands & left the hotel without ordering anything after seeing the Menu & their hospitality :D....

  2. chetan bhagat's younger brother.... :)

  3. dat party sure proves to b a myth buster....sad v couldnt bask them in live......