Monday, 16 June 2008


Everybody has a rep!Good, bad...well weird.A person is known for different things in different circles sometimes.For example I recently found out something from someone in SJCE, the following snippet should some it up:

Who is he?
The same guy who doesn't get output in labs.


This 12th ,Computer Graphics, everything went right in the end.And no, I had nothing to do with it,as usual,except ofcourse take the credit for it, ass usual. Some people got angels watching over them, I realised I had one sitting behind me.Now thats a change in the wind, I hope it stays that way.


This "flash news" post ain't an act of laziness, but more like a way to get it all out soon. You never know, I may go on a bogging hiatus soon after this,maybe not.It definitely has nothing to do with the lack of readers(Thanks to the exams), but maybe the fact that I have exceeded the download limit by a meagre.... THREE HUNDRED MEGABYTES!!!


What happened this day last year on my blog or off it? Well I remember clearly, but right now, with half my mind on the members of the all new 'I wont comment on Insanity Unlimited!!!' club
and the other half on the exams tomorrow...I dunno where to go.Its been quite a day with friends coming over and its been a nice time.Messages , messages and more messages and oh yeah calls too! Mum gives me a pair o goldies , one which is already on its way, one of the reasons why I had stopped bringing them in , since last year.

Late night, and I am still not tense.I have that I-am-gonna-pull-this-off-smoothly feeling.Its a rare feeling/instinct and its always right, though it never usually holds water, it rains thunderstorms when the time comes.

I am through going through them programs once and as Kavs gives me company online through the night, I manage to take a short break between studying and revising them again,so that I can quickly sum up what happened today.Waking up at 9 today was a tall order and I did it.Tomorrow it gets taller.


Coming back to the 300 MB exceed, when the bill comes, I will make sure I will write my last post in a hurry before my dad can get his hands on the nearest knife/rock/bulldozer/anything.For now lemme just get some much deserved sleep.

Until next time...

Wish me...for my exams ;)!

All the best to my mates.
TO Koundy, I'm happy that you got that job, Kudos!



  1. thank u thank u...!!
    i am also trying to be happy after getting a job....!!
    and how da HELL can u xceed 300mb within the first 15days it self...!!!!
    what u watch online..?? naughty boy..naughty boy..!!!

  2. 300

    does that mean we wont be seeing u online much for the rest of the month? a way...good for that u have a good reason not to spend most of ur time also implies that u have no other choice but to put yourself in front of your books and try to get aas much gyan as a way GOOD!!!!!!!!!

  3. i just drifted by..

    seriously how did u manage to exceed tht too 300mb??

    hope all is well..

  4. Good Luck friend :)

  5. Naughty Boy my tail!

    Yes I got myself in front of my books Anush, but as I see didnt make a difference!

    To the two 'drifters' HELLO!
    All is always well around here..its just that its a really really dark deep well.

    Thanks Cusack, I need it.