Saturday, 7 June 2008

Study buddy Study

After a blink blink 6th sem, I feel like - voila.Its exams again. "Goodie goodie". I am trying hard to live up to the expectations of all close friends and family and the thought of failures scares me but fails to motivate me.
I remember the run up to 5th sem exams, I was going truly insane.All sorts of frustration stuck up my A.This time I am a more relaxed man, so relaxed that I don't even bother to make sense of what I am reading.
I was staring at a figure in the 7th page of my CN notes yesterday.I think today I was staring at the next figure.God knows what those figures were, I cant recall them.
I kept up my tradition of not blogging during exams till today.But I just realised its just a way to pretend you are busy studying .So is the process of staring at the notes at the notes for hours.
Concentration? What?What is that? Is that near Area-51 ? I'll wiki it up later.

So I just decided to come and blog about the nothingness thats going on right now. Of course, there were a few realisations:

--->I realised I am not really a morning person.
I just loved waking up because I would be served with a big glass of my elixir of life, COFFEE! , made from fresh milk.
I finally woke up at 6 today morning ( I would like to dedicate this moment to my friend,myself oh and also my alarm clock(s), reminders, family...) thats when I realised that new fact of life.
I felt like I never woke up all day.Hope fully tomorrow a better cycle will start!

--->I realised that it took exactly 5 and a half months to go from 3000 hits to 8000 hits

--->10 and a half months to go from 0 to 8000.

--->I realised I may mean a lot to a few people than I had ever expected.

--->I realised I also forget to blog about certain things and that its not just studies.

--->I also realised that


*terms and conditions apply


  1. dude...what are the terms and conditions that apply..!?

  2. its not abt waking up early....its abt studying whenevr u feel u can do it best....not about which time of the day it is....heck!i just discovered that 1 a.m-4 a.m suits me best!!!!!!!!!!!

  3. The terms and conditions part probably Anush will answer best!

  4. me????????????????

    hell-how am i to know?????????

    i dunno if i even know the terms and conditions concerned with my own life!!!!!!!!!!

    is this a trick question??????????

  5. Ok Ok FINE!
    Life is Beautiful unless you get your butt whooped! :D