Saturday, 12 July 2008

Exams Galore!

Labs? I already told you about it right?

Ahh well, the poor mans marks machine they call it. (Poor man - Poor student , whats the AHEM*** difference? ). Well that hoits cause it aint a marks riot for me either ways, though I agree it went better than the worst.

SE -
The most criminal, most worthless subject the jackasses from V.T.U could think of. And the paper? yeah, that gets the tag of - most criminal paper a jackass from V.T.U could think of. Getting the drift? ok, it gets worse...wear your seatbelts.

CG -
I skip a bit of this and that, in the end and then the axiom from Murphy's laws strike. I have studied for 4 questions (80% ) it turns out and 60% of that did not look any better than scrambled eggs for me.

Some people left the exam hall 10 minutes after the commencement of the exam ( Wise decision as it turned out) ...... I think I will stop at that!

Some relief...but not good enough. Simulation my tail!

I think that stands for Passionate Programming Language? Well whatever it stood for...there was no passion involved in the way I wrote it. But another breather I must say.

By now, I hear a lot of chatter about Jaane Tu Ya Jaane Na (apparently a movie I could not watch and haven't watched till this day and chances are will not watch unless...) and Hancock and stuff like that when I am trying to run home for my next exam which is barely a few hours away. Hey come on, this was better than FAFL last sem when I had to come in the evening and write one in the morning.

Another criminal subject in my books. A subject that I would never make use of in my entire life. A subject I never understood. A subject I swore I didn't want to fail even if it meant that I would have failed every other subject in that sem. But no, it had to happen...I had to go through it again.

Ok Almighty , Have it your way! Ill be there.

As luck would have it, in that pathetic little exam hall of ours , where all of us are losers in our own ways, we had an invigilator whose subject had been AMP , who didn't seem to mind the fact that almost all of us wanted to peep into somebody else's book (except for those who were losers in peeping as well) and also that I was the most learned among our little assembly of the unlearned.

The paper is a major whack job! It had "Better quit while you are behind" written all over it! The guy next to me, who rechristened himself after a rowdy from a big rowdy movie, has had enough foresight to prepare chits bearing answers to every single question asked in the history of the subject (Jan 2005 - Dec 2007). Among all that, all we can use is a chit bearing an answer to a 5 marks question usually asked for 12 marks. Well, what options have we got? we make most of that as the invigilator amuses himself and other smirking fans with one liners aimed at the really hopeless in the hall.

We conduct our own little GD (Group Discussion) in the hall - team effort they call it. Someone contributed 2 marks and some other guy brought home 5 - and so on. In the end, we compiled an answer sheet that seemed like it held some 45 marks, all packed tight and neat. The most pathetic part was that none of us had any idea about what we had just written, even though a huge part of it was correct.

After checking, rechecking and rerechecking those answers that I knew well I finally decide to make a move out of the hall, owing to repeated begging from the invigilator to do so and much to his relief.

I walk to feel the air that suddenly felt fresh and hordes of messages asking about our next stop at betta that night on account of freedom...Im done being screwed, screw the exams. Cheers!


  1. This time exams were horrible as u said ..especially SE & CN . Most of the companies have urged VTU to decrease the CS output & VTU has signed MoU ...See how it has been implemented so fast :) ...

  2. it just shows how much hardwork VTU puts in to live upto its reputation..... :(

  3. U have nicely done the post mortem of each subject!I wonder y there has not been any protest by students against VTU to help with a more meaningful syllabus . nyways all the best for ur results :)

  4. A 'normal' paper is now a surprise!

  5. Hey, Wiki says batman is a superhero.

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  7. Ya as everybody above said,this time paper was not good at all!!!!
    lets keep our fingers crossed n hope fa the best! :(

  8. ok ok, Batman is a superhero! So am I(check comments on next post :P )

  9. lol. among all the blogs i hav read this is the besssssssst and the funniest! and trust me, I read a lot of blogs ;)
    superb writer you are. u shud b workin for an ad agency.

  10. Sharon madam, if you happen to own an ad agency please tell me, I'll sign up before you realise you have said too much :D