Saturday, 12 July 2008

How to screw an exam in 10 days

well well we are again. Did I tell you how to screw an exam in 10 days? how rude of me! Knowledge must be shared...

Lemme start from the beginning!
First you build a foundation for everything in the future, as you might have guessed already, there is a lot of foresight involved. Then you end up having the worst luck around combined with bad memory and bit of laziness ( For taste). Then with this crazy concoction you manage to screwup , every now and then, in your lab exams -as a starter (Works up an appetite for failure ). After successfully failing , you must ensure you develop a phobia for lab exams. You see lab exams set the tone for the theory exams - as my Biology teacher ( G Krishna ) used to say "If ya roots are strong mate, the rest of ya is solid " right-O!

You spend a good part of your course building this phobia, finally in 6th sem, you are ready capitalise on all this hard work. What you do is, your butt is so scared stiff that you spend all your free time preparing only for the labs and nothing but the labs. Gooood! Thats my boy! Are we done? Oh I cant wait to see it...right - Next Ten days you can spend wondering how you managed not to prepare for theory exams even though you had over a month. You ask yourself - I didn't spend my time on the net, I have no games installed, I am not messaging away , I am not thinking about anything other than the exams, Then where the **** did all that time GO??????

Past is History, rest is mystery
(I caught that somewhere today )...How true!!!


  1. hehe good post man..
    atleast we have somethin to advice to our juniors...
    nd a nice line---'Past is history,rest is mystery'

  2. did it ever occur to you that maybe your sub-concious mind wants to make a lab attender out of you????? :D

    btw,this would make a great movie title-how to screw an exam in 10 days!!!full-house!!! :P