Wednesday, 2 July 2008


5 Theory exams already after the other and I have got that "OMG! What have I done???" feeling again. A mass murderer would feel less guilty , thats for sure.

Without being able to withstand the terror of facing the AMP exam again, I finally give in to the urge of coming online during normal hours to surf and blog. I wonder how I spent the last few weeks coming online online only between 2-8 (If and when I was awake) to do nothing but set download and check mail.Not a single soul online and it wasn't helping much for a guy who used to literally live inside the internet barely few months ago. I finally think I have got things going but it wasn't meant to be.Not my day...decade rather.

It is amazing how you watch more TV when you are trying to keep away from the net ( Only because I had exceeded my net usage - read my last post) , did you know the term 'reality TV' is really being carried away these days? What the hell was I missing I thought, turns out its just another word for GAME SHOWS!I pity the Judges, at least I can change the channel. Nothing much has changed on TV, Ekta Kapoor is still trying to make money off every sad story on earth, including the Arushi Murder case, which I think is disgusting. Even pig poop is less disgusting. The rest of the soaps aint much improved either, each episode contains 2 dialogues , 1 divorce, 3 murders and 400 camera zoom ins from different angles.I don't know what was worse...not having internet or having to watch these shows because Mum wont give it a rest and the door wont stay shut. Hey wait a minute...I had to go through them both together. Wait it gets worse I GOT EXAMS IF YOU FORGOT!

It is also amazing how I have found my long lost sleep especially when I really need to stay more awake these days. Fortunately, the 6th sem tradition of taking ill before an important test/exam is no more. People are already talking about "How you gonna spend your hols? " kinda stuff. Their party ends the day after tomorrow Afternoon. I am gonna hold fort for a few hours more, though I dont see for what great purpose, as my so called self confidence takes a sound battering.

The only thing good these days seems to be Suresh Raina's form and Pluto's left ear(Another day another post). Coming to that 300 MB excess I spoke about the last time I wrote...there was a small mistake in that line...I actually had an excess of 490 MB!! Right, the countdown begins to the day the bill arrives. Pray for my exams, not my life though!


  1. hmmm... what to say as usual its rocking(I'm speaking about ur way of putting things)its quite simple and touching.... all the best for ur exam results!!!!

  2. its a new month!!!
    so smile!!!!

  3. don forget to write wat happens after u receive the bill, i mean ur dad's reaction!.. :P :D

  4. wenz ta next post comin up coz i really wanna know abt pluto's left ear.....

  5. much bill...?? u want some help..!?? not monetary but emotional help..!?

  6. @ Dhavala


    @ Kavya
    That post - if at all, must wait. Ill get a few minutes, but Ill try my best :D

    @ Rubs
    Pluto's left ear will also have to wait...

    @ Koundy
    No Aunty, I havent got the bill yet, nor do I want your emotional help, especially after the kind of emotions you have been having towards boys ( "Walking like couples in Hampi" or wtvr? :P )