Thursday, 24 July 2008

See you next time, same time, same dream

A million pictures of yours so bright,
imprinted by love, the whitest white,
A million dreams, so golden gold,
How in the world shall I withhold?

So many songs I wrote for you.
So many things, I wanted to say and do,
so many walls punched with my fist,
so many hopes all shattered to dust.

I have stopped bleeding, or so I think,
I close my eyes, for I fear I'll sink,
If I can't see the wound, it does not vanish,
just hiding the surface with two coats of varnish!

You are so cold to me, Princess of ice,
Your sharp words, sting me blind.
I feel like pond scum, like I caused you pain,
Your actions have stung me too, over again.

I thought I moved on, now life is smooth
I told them all , "Things looking good"
A fine result, a job for the namesake,
all the dry skin, falling flake by flake.

I've convinced myself, I've forgotten you,
For God's sake now, this is through,
and then you come again, in my dreams
one fine day, with all those cheers.

You speak to me like you never will,
you look at me like you never will,
you caress me, like you never will,
Yes I am in love, I love you still.

Oh we are together what a wonderful day!!
I never thought these words I'll say,
I am the happiest man, until I wake,
Such happiness will never come again.

I realise now, it was just another dream
Why god why? These games are mean!
I thought this was it, after all I had been,
To fool me like this, I'd call you a fiend.

Life goes on, No I don't bleed,
I don't look at the wound,I will succeed,
I can hide what I feel as you have seen,
The legend shall keep quite,
...........................until the next dream :)


  1. youre certainly blessed,since you convert your thoughts into words so effortlessly....a display of emotions that just flows....personally,after reading this one-im in awe and also envious...!!!!
    hope you find higher levels!!!!

  2. Nice one dude ;)

  3. its lambent!!wat r u brainbox????!!

  4. you are indeed a legend!!!!!!! you have used such simple words and yet you are creating such a strong impression

    i m moved!

  5. it is sad yet very beautiful at the same time! I want to read more of what you write

  6. @Anush Its been two years..still waiting for that Higher level :D

    @Champu Thank You
    (See that rhymes too)

    @Rub I wish :D

    @Becky Be my guest..and thanks!

  7. Wow, loved it!! Keep going!!