Monday, 18 August 2008

Hey! What about your placements?

It's finally time. I had been watching my seniors sweat it out. Work their butts out day in and day out to land themselves a tag called 'Employed'. Sometimes it you used to hurt to see some guys never make it through after all the efforts. I took enough care not to bring up the issue of placements when they were around. Of course, back then, I was sure I would pull this off clean (God knows why ). Then out of the blue...something happened.

What happened?

5th sem results happened!
All hell broke loose and life went topsy turvy. The only results I had been totally positive about. Well, I don't speak much about the past unless its something really pleasant or Insane, so why start now?

FastForward to beginning of 7th sem. The most asked question in the past two months, at an average of about 5 times a day is..

"Hey! What about your placements? " (Not to mention the smileys )

Well, most of the times its quite understandable that people out of touch tend to ask this wondering what they missed out on. But about 70% of these people are the ones I meet almost everyday. At the beginning I used to be all Happy Gilmore about it saying " The companies were unlucky ", but now, even though I am not exactly pissed or dejected, I use the most sensible reply-

"Well!! If I was placed, I would have told you about it right? And if I haven't doesn't that mean I am not placed? "

Having said that, I still don't mind the question. It only doesn't make any sense to me to ask a question you already know the answer to.

Anyway, A guy like me can't be kept jobless for too long, Insha Allah, you will hear from me very soon. [And if you don't - oh well, as I have always said, guess no company was lucky enough ;) ]


  1. :) seriously the companies are not lucky

  2. that was a very apt way of sharing the thoughts of a final year college guy. It happened to me when I was in my UG. Very nice post.

  3. im sure you'll find a job soon.......looks like God is trying to install patience in your system!!!!

  4. patience is virtue....may be something really big is waiting for u!!!!

  5. lets celebrate joblessness till v r placed...!! :)

  6. People always say "Something big is waiting for u " . Initially i used to blame those people who always spell those words but i think its always true . Only thing that is in ur side is HOPE . Never loose the hope .
    The man like u with this level of creativity will find job soon but only thing is that the time is testing how patience u are ! . The day will come where we can see the entire page in ur blog flooded with ur placement. I wish u good luck & hope to see that day soon :)

  7. don worry abt placements... am sure u ll getinto a good company.. God cant keep a guy of such calibre jobless! serious!
    Have patience!!! :)