Friday, 8 August 2008

Some things you don't know about me

Everybody gets questions about themselves that sometimes go unanswered either because you don't know the answer yourself or because its asked too many times...or they are just DAMN WEIRD! They come from all directions - personally, sms, email, scrap, phone calls et all. Here is an attempt to answer just a few of the ones that I get. Warning-This post sounds a bit self-centered though the intention is to write about me. (Members of my hate-club: better stay away for your own peace of mind.)
Call it an FAQ , but I guess it should be called FAWQ ( Use your imagination)....because of questions like...

Q)Who is your best friend?
Q)Where do you live?
Q)You have a GF? (Like you would care :P )
Q)Hi, Can I order two pizzaz and a diet coke?
Q)Why do you always crack jokes? (Because my skull is too hard to do the same)
Q)Is that a medula oblongata in your head?
Q)Where do you get your crazy ideas from?
Q)Who are you?

...and many other such questions.Here goes a list of facts...

*I wrote diary for 13 years without fail, every single day from 1995 to 2007 (Ok fine, I skipped a few days) , until finally when I did not find a diary good enough to write in, this year.
*I always wanted to learn to play drums.
*I used to sing in every school show (annual day,independence day,republic day...) until my voice broke.
*I also used to dance.(Lets not talk about that)
*Now if I sing, I may need to be hospitalized after the mob is through with me.
*I was detained in 9th standard(Lets not talk about that either)
*In 9th I also wanted to learn the guitar.
*All my life, I wished for a sister.
*Everytime I get to know a new person, I can't help thinking I discovered a new colour.
*I have always been crazy about computers and everything related, though my marks cards suggest otherwise. I wanted to enter B Sc in C Sc if I didn't make it to where I am.
*I was under pressure to become a doctor. I am proud I made my own decision.
*I completely realise that I am not a looker and I certainly do not need the cheeky one-liners, insults and indirect abuses made to imply the same. People who think and/or say the opposite are just sweet type.
*I am lazier than I seem.
*I wish to open a state-of-the-art animal shelter someday.
*I like everyone who shows a bit of good and a bit of evil.
*I believe-A person with bad habits but admits it with complete honesty is a person worth my trust.
*Nobody ever "betrayed" me nor broke my heart or any such sort of thing, no matter what my testimonials say.
*I believe- My career may get off to a shaky start, but the future is bright.
*I love comic books.
*I hate leaving any job incomplete. Not that I have completed everything I have started.
*I am not as emotional a person as my blogs say. In fact, I am supposed to be the most "stone hearted" around, which is also not true.
*I don't understand myself sometimes.
*You never find me standing alone for too long. If I am, you can safely assume I am feeling horrible.
*I have never won anything , any competition , that has really satisfied me completely. Something that made me feel that I really deserved it.
*I don't mind being called a loser.
*I Hate diplomatic people. Diplomats are the most cunning people you can come across, they are never worthy of any trust. I had to deal with one just a few hours before writing this post and the smoke hasn't stopped coming out of my ears.
*I have never on my own effort/decision ever stopped speaking to a person or broken all contacts with anybody before. I doubt there will be a first time, this time.
*I don't mind saying sorry even if its not my mistake.
*I have a really huge ego.
*Sometimes, I am really arrogant.
*I speak in atleast 5 different ways(accents/dialects) in Kannada and English each. In either case, I have forgotten which is my original. I don't like to speak about it.
*I know I have absolutely no talent that I can speak of.
*I understand that jokers have no place in the real world. And being funny is not a talent, besides there are people who rather give up their mojo than to admit that I am funny. Which I am not -happy?
*I do not like people who are not original.
*I prefer the internet to my cell.
*My stuff - notebook, cell, bag, cupboard all are very personal.
*In the next 5 yrs, I wouldn't mind turning into a flirt.
*I have been 5 different people in the past 9 years.
*I have been known to stay away from people and things that I love the most, just for the greater good.
*I am far from pure of heart.
*I like Animated movies.
*I don't mind being under-estimated. Mainly because, nobody can ever really do that!
*I sleep 2 hours of deep sleep a day.
*I lay on my bed for about 10 hours a day.
*Whats on this page today, maybe gone tomorrow.
*I was once called 24X7 online.
*That nickname is a fading memory.
*I deleted 17 people from my list this month alone and nobody noticed it.
*Swimming is my favourite recreational activity.
*I thank god for Coffee, Chocolate and Cricket.
*I believe - No dream is too big to be let go off.
*The Matrix is my favourite movie - because I had imagined something like that before.(I know its hard to believe.)
*I don't let too many people be my close friends. I still don't know why.
*I say 'Life is good' at least two times a day and never to sound/feel optimistic.
*I believe only 10% of the people who visit my blog will read this one completely.
*I write really lengthy blogs.

This will be updated when I discover new things about myself. Find this on the right side of this page all the time.


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  2. Well I am among those 10%..:)

  3. uncle....u lie on ur bed for 10hrs a day and do what...?? naughty boy naughty boy....!!!!!!

  4. one thing is not true u won skit competitions i bet liked winning them ...

  5. u din tel us if ya gotta gf

  6. those r quite some facts....i can write a biography on u..

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  9. its sooooooooo loooooooooonggggg ; saved the page..n ll read when m really gettin boreddddd

    cant give any more compliment.

  10. you haven't updated this in almost 3 years - does that mean you have learned nothing new about yourself? I know I want to read your diaries also, and one more question for you to answer or not - who were the 5 people you were in those 9 years?

  11. hmmm.. intersting... well if i were to write abt myself we r sure to cross over over many things ;) ... !! same pinch gr8 going. ..!

  12. @DJD, Becky and Meghana
    Thanks for being in the 10% :)

    Yes, I never edited this post again. But there are many new things I wanted to write about. Its just that, I didn't think anyone would want to know :P
    You can't see the diaries. Nobody can.

    Those 5 people...hmmm! Some other day.

    I bet you didn't come back to read. Lazy ass! :D

    Thanks for reading. I am thanking you because I read this post myself after 3 years. Went back in time for a bit.

    Its good to know there are a lot of things we will cross over ;)
    ( *OUCH* You pinch real hard! :( :P )

  13. still waiting to know who the 5 ppl were in those 9 yrs! & yep you can be very arrogant but oh so lovable at the same time:)yes I read it all the way thru again, it makes mefeel close to you

  14. Thank you Becky :) Those 5 people. Hmmm, I have no idea what I was thinking when I wrote that :D

  15. :D Thanks! And welcome to the insanity!