Saturday, 23 August 2008

WTF Institute of technology and the curse of Batch '09

Let me make it clear - this is not a post of disgust,frustration, dejection or anger related in any way to my latest run of poor luck. It's just about what went wrong where and definitely a discussion in more general terms, concerning my whole batch of 2009.

Yes, we are batch 2009, not batch 2005 - YOU FOOLS! A lady in the office also jumped yesterday morning when I said I belonged to the 2009 Batch. She nearly fainted. Before she could ask me what the future looked like and how I traveled back in time, I quickly added "That will obviously mean, I am expected to pass out in that year -2009. Ummm I joined in 05, maybe thats the year you want? " with a sheepish smile. The reason I was being so extremely careful with my temper and sharp tongue was that the lady had gone out her way to give me my 4th Semester Marks Card so that I could apply for my education loan on time and in the process, make sure I could pay off for my final year. Nice lady she was.

For some of you, who might be wondering what happened to my loan, well I did manage to do something about it, FINALLY. For the moment, its working, until and unless, the bank does notice something strange about it. Pray it wont.

Now whats this curse I was talking about? Ah yes! The batch is definitely cursed. Everyone would have expected it to be the other way around when the management seats came under CET jurisdiction. We got in dirt cheap compared to what it would have been otherwise. Anyway, as the old saying goes - Getting to the top is one thing, staying there is another. I realised the full meaning of that line in the past three years.

To begin with- The Uniform code: Now why the hell do we need it? Gimme one good reason. The way they spoke about the students dressing sense, one would half expect the girls to be showing up as item girls and the boys to be wearing bras over their heads. Trust me, to be going to degree college looking like Factory workers, is definitely more sick than showing up like nature intended us to initially.

The class was split into two sections: Well lets face it, all of us are not exactly brothers and sisters in love. I don't want to write all lies here w.r.t cunning diplomacy, just because my classmates read my blog. But, to be honest, it hurts. At the end of the day, its not the same.
A bunch of people had nothing to do, except meet and have a cup of tea every evening, so just decided to split the class into two! You know, drawing a line exactly down the middle is serious business. It takes experience,brains and lots of talent. Now they didn't have to worry about their mind being turned into the devils workshop. We have to be content with meeting the other half at the canteen table or the parking lot, until ofcourse, the watchman chases us away.

The PC elections: I never wrote about this did I? Most people like to say I am still burning at what happened, so I have decided to add a few lines in that regard. Actually I am not. I did what I did, out of respect to request from some friends. It was the right thing to do, or else it would have been sheer arrogance. What might hurt is the fact that some other friends thought (and probably still think) that I did it for personal reasons. While some others say, I was never good enough. Rubbing salt into the wounds is the fact that I can never prove that wrong. But, when I do look back, this is not a big issue to me at all. I admit, for 2 days after that, it was a big issue. I experienced first hand why its all called DIRTY POLITICS. Nobody is spared.
The Curse part is not all related to me. Its related to the beginning of the new set of rules administered over these processes. This will be made clear when you read on. The new set of rules, were because of the ISO9001 certificate.
If all the efforts that were spent in pursuing this certificate were on the other hand spent on something directly related to the benefit of the students. We would have made greater inroads to success. When that would happen, the certificate would have no other place to go, but us.
Now we have the certificate. SOMEBODY PLEASE TELL ME HOW IT #()^!#&% HELPED US??????????

This is a tale of two people from the same criminal branch. One was a mad man, but he did his job. The other was very sane, but he only assumed his job. No points for guessing which man arrived to the hot seat for Batch 2009. He runs away to a secluded corner to get drowned in a pool of smoke, out of tension, even if he hears so much as a mouse breaking the wind at the other end of the campus. Pappu Can't officiate Saala. I have witnessed his bravado with the HRs first hand.

The Policy:
JC has a 3 job policy I hear. I wonder if its called a No Job policy around here?
No, honestly, the policy is fine.Or maybe not.
I will present you with a scenario, you decide- when companies visit campuses, they expect the students to be keen and expect a lot of aspirants. You have given them full funda status - dream/open dream/nightmare...whatever!! They are also very excited. On the D day, a handful of students show up at the seminar hall. They are the only ones allowed to write. Oh boy!
Don't get me wrong...I am not speaking for myself, I can not even dream about dreaming of getting into a dream.Allow me to be the first to admit that(Before somebody jumps at the chance at being a Smart Alec). I am only elaborating on the curse.

The Dollar recession:
Batch affected - 2009. I don't think I have to say anything else?

The great Indian bias:
Don't even get me started on biased situtations. To cut a long story short, the officers are always so Mechanical, if you know what I mean. And so, it happens that the Mass companies are never invited first. Its the Mech Core companies who show up first. Good luck, explaining that logic( Though you never explain your actions).
There was a company, a cigarette company to be more specific (Ill try to keep things as anonymous as possible) visiting. They didn't want people who led mechanical lives. The officer in charge led a mechanical life. Rama Rama! He ensured that our PC did not make any progress with negotiations. This may take a personal turn, so I will end this story there. To keep this article as general as possible.

You might have something to add. Be my guest. But whatever anybody has to say, one cant agree more on the fact that, our batch is cursed.

What is more amazing is that, no matter what the policy, who the official, whatever the problems, students still came back from behind and got themselves the jobs they deserved.

Some birds are not meant to be caged, their feathers are too bright!


  1. U are absolutely right ! Our batch is cursed . From the day when we joined BE till here we have come across lots of things/happenings . The uniform was not at all necessary . The reason what they gave was totally insane ( Just like u :P ) .... Ok fine we were forced to wear uniforms but atleast they could have chosen some decent one .Not the one which look like a cleaner/ mechanic !!! Oh i got it . Its the mechanical guy who introduced the uniforms . So that makes sense :D
    Speaking about placements , huh ,there is nothing which is not special about placements .One day placement officer gets changed , the next day policy gets changed , some other day the comapny itself gets changed !!!
    Only the one who is above us, watching all this drama , have to answer . Only he has the power to remove the curse . I heard that few hollywood directors are working on the script of the movie " NIE Mysore - The Curse of batch 2009 " . This time Johny Dep is not in the lead role instead our Placement Officer has been chosen !!.

  2. insanity uncle..
    samadhana.........look around and u will find people with more shit falling on them...!!

  3. Hmmm absolutely right.. i keep telling abt the curse to our batch to my friends from other colleges (wid pride infact :|)..
    Am cursed for sure :P cuz wen i joined sadvidya they introduced uniforms there, n then in NIE.. i Hope atleast in future wen i start workin there is nothing like "uniform".. i won't be surprised if they introduce it there too :) afterall I am cursed!! :D

  4. there is no doubt that some magician has jinxed our batch....
    but come to think of it,we are doing quite well!!
    hang in there,cursed folk......when the going gets tough,the tough get going!!!!

  5. hey i have told u earlier and tel it even now.. u "ROCK" for whatever u have written .. its so genuine and so much from your heart... and everything makes so much of sense.. but dude one thing i couldn't figure out.. about that CR elections in our class what exactly happen.. anyways if its classified i wouldn't wanna know.. just keep hoping.. there is always light at the end of the tunnel...

  6. hehe...well....Nothing!! Thankfully, I was not allowed.