Tuesday, 23 September 2008

Mum made coffee

I got college at 9:30 AM and thus I finally decide that its high time I am completely awake. I throw my double protection of snug rugs over so that some cold air will sting my senses. Pluto is outside, whining away at dad to take him out as usual. Dad is fighting with some vegetable vendor, as usual.
Mum is asking him to stop fighting , as usual.
So I guess I got lots of time, after all its only 9:01 AM....9???????

27 minutes later, miraculously enough I am in the hall, I bathed, fed (up), dressed, packed and everything else that needs to be done before going to coll, when I realise that I deserve to catch my breath. So I sit there with the newspaper in hand, sipping slowly on the mum-made-coffee one of the few pleasures in this world that comes without much of hard work.

It's so fine, its so I'm lost in time.

Enlightenment strikes outta the blue, I realise I should have been in Java class 3 mins ago. Run Jack Run!

I cook up a master excuse or just barge and stare at our lecturer, who usually lets late comers in and the rest of the day goes smooth.

In the evening, my gang meets up for a good game of cricket, which hardly involves cricket and usually got more to do with laughs. When we are done with the game and standing outside the house for our daily dose of chit chat (at unusually high decibel levels- the street has had enough of us) mum decides to intervene and keep us quite, by , how else? but a cup of coffee each!

Most of us drink coffee, there are a few occasional oochy-koochies who drink only milk!

Little did I know how important these sequence of actions meant to the lot of them. I mean, pardon me for thinking that living life as me must be one of the most luckiest things in life ;)
I loved the way most of my days go by.

Yesterday I was getting these forwards that say: " If we ever loose contact, what things will remind you of me? " I replied to every person who sent me that forward and asked them to reply for the same.

The most interesting answer I got was:

Your jokes, stories, the way you make everyone joyous, the way you care for your friends
Last but not the least
Your mom made coffee :)

Tuesday, 16 September 2008

Was that for me???????

Every now and then, I get this question after a particular post,
"Hi, I read what you wrote, was that for me? "
That is just one of the most bold/direct/no-beating-around-the bush type questions. There are other types though,
"Who is that for?"
"Hey, you wrote?, you didn't write?...I mean last night....?? didn't?....ok" (Come on)
"I think you should write more often, especially what is on your mind"
"Ok, now don't mock me on Insanity Unlimited!!!"

I have just about had enough of such queries. NO GOD DAMN IT!!! IT WAS SO NOT FOR YOU!!! ALRIGHT????

About a year back, I used to write once each day. Sometimes even twice. Use the archives, it ain't so hard to figure out. Then I started getting questions. There were questions and then there were questions! They started making me think twice before I posted anything.
- oh maybe he will think that I was being mean to him/her
- what if he/she thinks this was for him/her?

Gradually, the frequency of the posts came down. It was like there was almost nothing to write.
Once thing is crystal clear -
A joke is always on someone. Whether you intended it or not. Looks like not many people realised it. And this time, it was clearly on me, for being rattled by the questions.

There are a few other things crystal clear -
1. If any words were meant for you, then it would most probably be addressed to you.
2. I will continue to write what I feel, cause I just don't care.

Shoot first, speak later.

Thursday, 11 September 2008

Satanic intentions...

I am so evil, I am so sorry, did my back hurt your knife?

But, as long as you are busy stabbing me,
remember, you are just another fish in the sea.
Only Best of the best, I have chosen to be,
My buddy , a chum who'll keep me happy.

"Why are you encouraging him, What does he mean to you?"
"He means shit! It's just the 'Right' thing to do."
"You mean you don't care what comes out of this?"
"Of course I do, I wouldn't give spying a miss!?!"

You were my friend, you were doing a favour?
favour my foot, you wouldn't care if I was dying of fever..
Bitching and backtalk, were your plans for the day,
Blind trust there was and you made all the hay.

Once a promise always a promise, I'll keep my word,
but my trust for you, flew away like a giant free bird.
You put a chameleon to shame, U-turns are rife?
I'm still sorry if my back hurt your knife!
You think you are immaculate near God's abode?
think again , I am behind the next dark cloud.
I won't remember, I won't seek vengeance
but better start packing to hell's darkest dungeons.

I'll wind up my song, I won't cause you more fear,
It's the thought that matters, oh dear...
I am so evil, I am so bad!!
when the U-turns are rife..
I'm still sorry, if my back hurt your knife!

Wednesday, 10 September 2008

How to connect to BSNL broadband from fedora 9 ??

Thats one question that was stuck in my head from as long as I can remember. You see I was running many versions of linux on my notebook. But continuously had problems making full use of it. You see, installing Linux on a notebook especially a HP/Compaq itself a pain in the tail. Next was the bigger problem, I connect to the net using a BSNL Broadband connection, one that uses a UT-300R2U modem. It is the kind in which you are not automatically connected to the internet at startup. I gotta double click on the BSNL Icon on the desktop and then connect.

NOTE: If you are in a terrible hurry to find out the answer then scroll down to the words in pale-yellow and follow the instructions.

Are you wondering what a "Solve a linux problem" is doing on Insanity unlimited?Dont wonder...just read. Its not the problem thats the topic, its the solution or the abundance and yet lack of it.

After finally loading my notebook with a Fedora 9, I set out on the first task of mounting partitions. I somehow managed some quick fix solutions using root users. My second task was to connect to the internet. Now, how many people in the world, work on a Fedora 9 and have a BSNL BroadBand connection that doesnt connect on startup but only one manual dial (Double click and connect) through a UT-300R2U modem????
I am guessing not too many. Now I setout on the job of the painful Google R&D to find out the answer to one of the big questions in life ( 3rd biggest but only for the week) - How to connect to BSNL broadband from fedora 9 ??
it turns out there are many people who seek answers to the same question and quite a few geeks who have answered them on the net. "Answered" is not the end of the story my friend.
One guy lists out a set of numbers DNZ, IP, TCP, Subnet mask, BBT, POT , SOB and what not. We have to try all that at some imaginary place in Fedora 9 that this guy probably keeps dreaming about.
Another guy came in with a set of instructions that had everything to do from installing a set of softwares to whacking the hell out of some port thats on my system! - Right!

There were about 6 other guys whose solutions were more dramatic than the other. I tried all the methods one by one, pushing my hands into the deepest slimiest trenches of the Linux system, even stood upside. I felt like I was ready for the toughest Yoga sessions after being done with these. But no...the internet was still miles away.

While banging my head on my keyboards ( A practice developed while trying in vain to solve other problems) as my head moved closer to the keyboard the visibility of my system tray improved and I noticed a small icon which looked like a mouse( Intended to look like a network adapter - as I realised later). Curious I clicked on it. It had popped up a ballon that read "Network now disconnected".
One of the GREAT solutions provided by the geniuses online had done enough to disconnect my modem and connect it again, but definitely not connect it to the internet. But thanks to the modem restart the balloon had popped up.

Voila! I discovered the four step procedure to connect to the net. It is so simple so stupid. What all the techno crap couldnt do, four mouse clicks managed it in unders 20 seconds. Here it is:

>Right-click on the icon in the system tray that looks like a mouse or network plug/adapter
>Click on Edit Connections
>Select tab DSL
>Click on 'ADD'
>Enter your login information ( Connection name - "BSNL", username and password are as provided by BSNL, can leave service field blank)
>Click ok.
>Now come back to your desktop. Left click on the same icon and select 'BSNL', by default its connected to 'system eth0'.
>It will prompt you for the password again. Enter it and click connect.

You should be ready to go.

Now the bigger question in life! What the *&^%$# hell were the other guys talking about??????????? I can't believe 4-5 click solution could solve this mess.

NOTE: If this doesn't work for you either, then good look discovering your own solution, which you can post on the net and please go easy on me in your article. Thanks in advance.

>For those who NOW think I am turning into a geek - Better Stop thinking.
>No my DP on gtalk is not Tux, the linux penguin
>This post was pending for 9 days!

Friday, 5 September 2008

Ahhh!! That smell of fresh air...

It is common for most HRs to ask the candidates to draw a graph of their achievements in exams. Pray not I will be asked for such a graph. You may have gone on the most dangerous roller coasters in the world, but just watching my graph will make your head spin and you will be puking like a borewell pump in no time.

The ups and down on this one resemble the Himalayas, but the Himalayas stop at ground zero.

The results from my last sem, 5th sem was not helping things either. It was obvious that I had hit rock bottom and I had started to dig! Sometimes, you just don't see how things can turn around. You throw your hands in the air and exclaim- Thats it, even the almighty can't pull this one OFF.

After finishing off 6th sem exams, I kept shouting out the fact that I would end up with atleast 4 backs on my back. It was by far my worst performance. The 5th sem exams, were actually the opposite. It was my best performance after entering branch and it turned out to be the worst result I ever got.

On 3rd, Sep, word had it that our results would be out the next day. On discussion with a friend online, I was wondering if I should atleast try and make some money off my results. I was thinking of a bet, a bet that I would end up with 4 backs. I was THAT SURE! Just when I was about to do that, he said "Wait!...check if results are out"
I just madly started to pray for a miracle. I was hoping to have something more like 2 backs instead of 4. 2 was better than 4 right?

god god god....

Voila! No backs!

One and a half years! One and a half years I had not felt how it was to be a person without a backlog. I just could not believe it.

I pressed ctrl+f and entered "Fail". - No result

I pressed ctrl+f and entered "F". - Two results (first one was in "of" the other was in "Software"

I pressed ctrl+f and entered my name - It was my result!

I decided to give in to that deep deep realisation of true satisfaction. What a day! Historic!

The aggre? Well its gone below 60 now. But, hey, I already got that job din I? Is that great timing or what?

The rest of the day was spent understanding that it was a really weird result by VTU. Did they read my blog or something? Big guns were gunned down, while I had no backs? And then the site stopped opening after the most obvious server crash. Thats what happens when you release Tom Dick and Harry's result on the same day. I think another record was set when every single person pinged me to check out a big list of USNs each! You could cut the tension with knife, or a blade, or poke it with a screw driver get the idea. I just wish good luck for the victims of the weird results.

Well there you have it -
It took a weird result from VTU to gimme an all clear result. I am not surprised in that case!

I had forgotten what fresh air smelt like! It now seems to be filling me lungs full on.

Tuesday, 2 September 2008

And then came TM

First there was Infy. The story is old!
Then TCS they didn't shortlist me.
Thoughtworks, whoa, I was shortlisted this time, but it would be unfair if a guy like me had got into it. I would have deprieved someone really brainy of his rightful place.
After these three companies, there was a long lull. I would show up on time, in the college all the time, only to be told that I won't be allowed to take their tests. Not once did I feel dejected. It was usually like 'Awright, whose next?'.
After all - The world cant keep a guy like me jobless for too long.

And then came TM.

I had learned the previous night that it was confirmed to be a mass. i.e, I wouldn't get a chance to write for another co if I got into this one. So I had my doubts anyway. Not that I was sure about getting into it, but I calculate mathematically, while expecting the worst. I took suggestions from friends.
Finally I decided to stop being ambitious. I had barely a few hours before the reporting time when links started pouring in for papers and stuff. Honestly, I could not get myself to look at them. I just passed them onto others who were more serious about the company. I felt like kicking myself, cause I thought I would be blaming this attitude for still being unemployed the next day.

The morning, I arrived late by over half an hour. But the HRs set the benchmark for punctuality in their organisation by being One and a half hours late, so I had to sit and wait for one hour anyway.

The HR Manager, actually left me cracking with his mindless bungles during the PPT. He said "All of you at the back having been standing for 2 years". When the hall burst into a roar of laughter, he realised (or was probably prompted by someone sitting in the front) and said "HOURS! HOURS! Not years...two hours". The PPT was no less funny. People attending the classes kept messaging
"How was the test? How was the test? "
I kept replying
"PPT is funny! PPT is funny!"
One guy looked like he had four sets of teeth, which could barely fit into his mouth. It was hard to make out whether he was smiling or angry. The rest looked like Juniors from another college. Maybe they were.

The Online Aptitude test was a nothing. Thanks to our college (Which will be a globally acknowledged institution...blah blah) , our systems powered off due to a power failure. Hello? Ever heard of a UPS Mr.Globally Acknowledged?
Good News: I got 10 minutes extra when the power returned
Bad news: The power kept failing and the system kept shutting down. I? I kept banging my head on the table.
OK-OK news: I didnt need the extra time as I finished 25 mins ahead.

Earlier than I thought, I was told I would be called in next, when Kavs showed up to explain the same project to me. She had run out of CGI Laboratory on the pretex of drinking water to help me out.

I was called in soon. The Tech Interview went on well, with only basic programs being asked.

I came out in about 40 minutes.

I am now telling everyone that I am sure to be called for HR.

Barely 5 mins later I was called in for HR which was pretty bad. We found out that I actually was not eligible to take up their test in the first place. Before letting me out, he made it clear that I couldn't be employed by them.

What we need we not always want. Getting this job was still important because
1) I don't have to dodge bullets from Dad
2) Results were going to be announced. My aggre would then be below 60 + 4 backs
3) Over Ambition is a main source of undoing.
4)Ego aside, get your butt employed first , said a voice from inside. And also some messages on chat, let alone the people shouting at me all the way to college.

I was recalling how everyone kept thinking that I was sad and dejected for not being placed. I wrote about my condition on my blog only because it was my condition and it is my blog. I was not sad or dejected. The reactions were more like "Aww its ok" instead of "Haha! Point! ".
I had to get this for them too?

2005 HRs (5 past 8 pm in simpler words)
The result was announced, and by now you must have realised my name was in the list.

All the best to Pradeep and Shambu. Two of my close friends, who deserved a job that day more than anyone else. I know a hot seat is waiting for you somewhere, I can't wait till you are on it.

God Bless!