Friday, 5 September 2008

Ahhh!! That smell of fresh air...

It is common for most HRs to ask the candidates to draw a graph of their achievements in exams. Pray not I will be asked for such a graph. You may have gone on the most dangerous roller coasters in the world, but just watching my graph will make your head spin and you will be puking like a borewell pump in no time.

The ups and down on this one resemble the Himalayas, but the Himalayas stop at ground zero.

The results from my last sem, 5th sem was not helping things either. It was obvious that I had hit rock bottom and I had started to dig! Sometimes, you just don't see how things can turn around. You throw your hands in the air and exclaim- Thats it, even the almighty can't pull this one OFF.

After finishing off 6th sem exams, I kept shouting out the fact that I would end up with atleast 4 backs on my back. It was by far my worst performance. The 5th sem exams, were actually the opposite. It was my best performance after entering branch and it turned out to be the worst result I ever got.

On 3rd, Sep, word had it that our results would be out the next day. On discussion with a friend online, I was wondering if I should atleast try and make some money off my results. I was thinking of a bet, a bet that I would end up with 4 backs. I was THAT SURE! Just when I was about to do that, he said "Wait!...check if results are out"
I just madly started to pray for a miracle. I was hoping to have something more like 2 backs instead of 4. 2 was better than 4 right?

god god god....

Voila! No backs!

One and a half years! One and a half years I had not felt how it was to be a person without a backlog. I just could not believe it.

I pressed ctrl+f and entered "Fail". - No result

I pressed ctrl+f and entered "F". - Two results (first one was in "of" the other was in "Software"

I pressed ctrl+f and entered my name - It was my result!

I decided to give in to that deep deep realisation of true satisfaction. What a day! Historic!

The aggre? Well its gone below 60 now. But, hey, I already got that job din I? Is that great timing or what?

The rest of the day was spent understanding that it was a really weird result by VTU. Did they read my blog or something? Big guns were gunned down, while I had no backs? And then the site stopped opening after the most obvious server crash. Thats what happens when you release Tom Dick and Harry's result on the same day. I think another record was set when every single person pinged me to check out a big list of USNs each! You could cut the tension with knife, or a blade, or poke it with a screw driver get the idea. I just wish good luck for the victims of the weird results.

Well there you have it -
It took a weird result from VTU to gimme an all clear result. I am not surprised in that case!

I had forgotten what fresh air smelt like! It now seems to be filling me lungs full on.