Tuesday, 23 September 2008

Mum made coffee

I got college at 9:30 AM and thus I finally decide that its high time I am completely awake. I throw my double protection of snug rugs over so that some cold air will sting my senses. Pluto is outside, whining away at dad to take him out as usual. Dad is fighting with some vegetable vendor, as usual.
Mum is asking him to stop fighting , as usual.
So I guess I got lots of time, after all its only 9:01 AM....9???????

27 minutes later, miraculously enough I am in the hall, I bathed, fed (up), dressed, packed and everything else that needs to be done before going to coll, when I realise that I deserve to catch my breath. So I sit there with the newspaper in hand, sipping slowly on the mum-made-coffee one of the few pleasures in this world that comes without much of hard work.

It's so fine, its so I'm lost in time.

Enlightenment strikes outta the blue, I realise I should have been in Java class 3 mins ago. Run Jack Run!

I cook up a master excuse or just barge and stare at our lecturer, who usually lets late comers in and the rest of the day goes smooth.

In the evening, my gang meets up for a good game of cricket, which hardly involves cricket and usually got more to do with laughs. When we are done with the game and standing outside the house for our daily dose of chit chat (at unusually high decibel levels- the street has had enough of us) mum decides to intervene and keep us quite, by , how else? but a cup of coffee each!

Most of us drink coffee, there are a few occasional oochy-koochies who drink only milk!

Little did I know how important these sequence of actions meant to the lot of them. I mean, pardon me for thinking that living life as me must be one of the most luckiest things in life ;)
I loved the way most of my days go by.

Yesterday I was getting these forwards that say: " If we ever loose contact, what things will remind you of me? " I replied to every person who sent me that forward and asked them to reply for the same.

The most interesting answer I got was:

Your jokes, stories, the way you make everyone joyous, the way you care for your friends
Last but not the least
Your mom made coffee :)


  1. inspite of being one of those exceptional people on earth who do not indulge in coffee,i still find your post interesting which really has nothing much to do with coffee.everybody has their own routine,interesting or boring to us,but definitely form the little tiny pieces which constitute one's life.......

  2. hey "Mum made coffee" has its own existance importance speciality ....whatever, which v realise only when v miss it!these days everyday I recall the strong filter coffee made by at office is so so so horrible....its an offence to call it coffee!and yes not only that....very very minute aspects of our daily routine, one day gives a very good food for thought,takes us somewhere!

  3. I can't control laughter after seeing u holding coffee cup & drinking at one shot ..he he .. U were actually in some different world when u had coffee infront u !
    Big glass full of coffee, heated gently & of course sugar :P-- aha heaven on earth for coffee freaks...
    Thanks to ur mom for giving us wonderful coffee :)

  4. ur post makes ta coffee sound delectable....although I dont drink coffee!!