Thursday, 11 September 2008

Satanic intentions...

I am so evil, I am so sorry, did my back hurt your knife?

But, as long as you are busy stabbing me,
remember, you are just another fish in the sea.
Only Best of the best, I have chosen to be,
My buddy , a chum who'll keep me happy.

"Why are you encouraging him, What does he mean to you?"
"He means shit! It's just the 'Right' thing to do."
"You mean you don't care what comes out of this?"
"Of course I do, I wouldn't give spying a miss!?!"

You were my friend, you were doing a favour?
favour my foot, you wouldn't care if I was dying of fever..
Bitching and backtalk, were your plans for the day,
Blind trust there was and you made all the hay.

Once a promise always a promise, I'll keep my word,
but my trust for you, flew away like a giant free bird.
You put a chameleon to shame, U-turns are rife?
I'm still sorry if my back hurt your knife!
You think you are immaculate near God's abode?
think again , I am behind the next dark cloud.
I won't remember, I won't seek vengeance
but better start packing to hell's darkest dungeons.

I'll wind up my song, I won't cause you more fear,
It's the thought that matters, oh dear...
I am so evil, I am so bad!!
when the U-turns are rife..
I'm still sorry, if my back hurt your knife!


  1. must say amazing pic....which generated in such a well written poem....a poem that speaks for itself

  2. No one can beat ur imagination .. The pic looks superb & so is the poem !

  3. hope u had an "enemy friend" coz it would have been apt for that person.. :)
    still beautifully written. gr8 work...keep it up

  4. I am so evil, I am so sorry, did my back hurt your knife?" ...goddamn an amazing start....good one boss....keep it rolling...nd d picz too gud