Tuesday, 16 September 2008

Was that for me???????

Every now and then, I get this question after a particular post,
"Hi, I read what you wrote, was that for me? "
That is just one of the most bold/direct/no-beating-around-the bush type questions. There are other types though,
"Who is that for?"
"Hey, you wrote?, you didn't write?...I mean last night....?? didn't?....ok" (Come on)
"I think you should write more often, especially what is on your mind"
"Ok, now don't mock me on Insanity Unlimited!!!"

I have just about had enough of such queries. NO GOD DAMN IT!!! IT WAS SO NOT FOR YOU!!! ALRIGHT????

About a year back, I used to write once each day. Sometimes even twice. Use the archives, it ain't so hard to figure out. Then I started getting questions. There were questions and then there were questions! They started making me think twice before I posted anything.
- oh maybe he will think that I was being mean to him/her
- what if he/she thinks this was for him/her?

Gradually, the frequency of the posts came down. It was like there was almost nothing to write.
Once thing is crystal clear -
A joke is always on someone. Whether you intended it or not. Looks like not many people realised it. And this time, it was clearly on me, for being rattled by the questions.

There are a few other things crystal clear -
1. If any words were meant for you, then it would most probably be addressed to you.
2. I will continue to write what I feel, cause I just don't care.

Shoot first, speak later.


  1. good going :) true blogger material it is :)

  2. Lol. There's also, 'Are you OK, are you sure everything's OK?' Though I've found myself asking friends similar questions at times..

  3. Also I love the picture on the blog. Nice:)

  4. @Anon
    Yeah baby!
    At Poof! - So do I ;)