Thursday, 16 October 2008

On a "Vacation"

" Your BSNL Account usage for this month is 1.541 GB "

If you didn't understand that, I will translate it to like-duh-language for you, it says
"You wont be seeing me online or on the blogs for a really long time."
This also means, no messages on the SMS group.
Unless ofcourse I am mad enough to wake up at 6ish AM just to blog and spread the "Joy".


Check out my previous post, published today!

" Everywhere I look, I see chaos, panic and destruction, I guess my job here is done! "

My worst test so far

I had my internals today and thanks to my awesome preparation and VTU's wonderfully interesting subjects, this is how both my tests went.

First 5 minutes - I was not even in class/hall (This was in the morning, in the afternoon I came on time)

5-10 Minutes - Took my question paper and filled in my USN, Name, Subject name and anything extra that I could write on the first sheet. Too bad I can't do this during the second test!

10- 20 Minutes- I stared at the question paper trying to give the teacher/invigilator an impression that I was actually going through it. Unfortunately, every time I looked up, she was looking dead straight at me

20-30 Minutes- Bond, James Bond. I was bending my head as low as possible and peeping into the blue books of the guys around me with an imaginary James Bond theme playing in the back of my mind. No, it was not helping!

30-40 Minutes - I manage to catch a glimpse of something from the book of my neighbour, and I write 4 and a half lines in the first page of my book until he turned his page.

40-45 Minutes - I write what I read in the morning newspaper(Business column) with very bad handwriting, so that she feels I wrote something subject related.

45- 50 Minutes - I busy looking at other people, trying to understand how these people ever manage to study and write so much. Wondering how I can never study like them. The invigilator is busy trying to catch me copying

50-55 Minutes - I revise what I wrote in the first sheet, checking and rechecking if all the details are filled properly

55-60 Minutes - I am writing page numbers at the bottom corners of each page.

60-65 Minutes - I make sure she catches me writing something in the last moment...just hoping against hope that she remembers this while correcting my book and doesn't understand a word of it.(Yes 5 Minutes and this was only in the morning, in the afternoon I was out on time)

Monday, 13 October 2008

For the closest and the closest only

"On the canvas of life, we often go off colour, but as long as people like you are there to add the right shades, life goes on to be a rainbow"

...for those who can't be lost, for those select few,for whom no reasons are good enough to loose, not even ego in the guise of self respect or even self respect for that matter, for those who simply can't be left out, no matter how sour the feelings from the other end get, or even sickeningly sweet.

Thursday, 9 October 2008

To Dada with love...

The storehouse of guts and gumption, on his final fight...All the best!
[a year ago]

Wednesday, 8 October 2008

Basking in the SUN SIGN!

The secret to writing a good book about predictions they say is writing a loose set of facts that every individual who reads them thinks that it fits him/her.
First you write a lot of good stuff and you butter them up, when they are still feeling high, write some bad nobody is perfect you know! And then, before things start to get too negative, reassure that all the bad stuff is a misunderstanding or just very rare.
But its important to point out in the beginning of the book that they ain't just a loose set of lines designed to fit all. Then everybody will believe you.
Linda Goodman wrote one such book..that became very popular! So much so that she has her own cult following. One such crazy fan is one of my closest friends and she will definitely kill me for this piece here. Here are some lines from the book that describe a Gemini:

*If you have a Mercury friend, you've probably already experienced a common Gemini habit that can be so annoying it can give you ulcers.

*Yes, I said enigma. If you expect anything else, like a man who's stable and patient, who will gently play Darby to your Joan while life and love glide on as smoothly as a gondola down a romantic canal in Venice, you're headed in the same direction as a merry-go-round. In circles. Get off fast and never mind about grabbing the brass ring. Don't let the gay, light-hearted music seduce you into following a painted scene of constantly changing colours, with shades of dreary Gray as likely to show up as sunny yellow or blissful blue. If you're an incurable romantic, seeking perfect harmony, you're in more than a little danger. (What the hell man?)

*Geminis tend to discard old friends for new ones

*it's not a good idea to expect a Gemini husband to give all females a cold shoulder just because he wears a wedding band.

*Will he be faithful to you? In his fashion, yes, he will. There are a thousand answers to that question where Mercury is concerned. (Which obviously means "NO! RUN! )

She is quite clever since she comes back to each of these features not less than a para later to say that its rare or manageable or whatever and makes sure that she doesn't invite the wrath of any Gemini. I guess this goes on for every sign, but I read only Gemini.

Tis certainly well written and one of the reasons why I have lost a lot of friends to that damned book.

All said and done, I don't see why you need to waste time by making friends and getting to know people...all you gotta do is ask the people for their sun sign and then refer the book!
Now why didn't I think of that earlier?

Tuesday, 7 October 2008

Wanna work as a webmaster for Greenpeace?

Job Title: Web Projects Officer
Department: New Media
Reports to: New Media Manager
Location: Bangalore, India
Type: Full-Time
Salary: Rs. 26,989 per month
Grade: 5

Check out this link for more:

Saturday, 4 October 2008

Gandhi Jayanthi

A letter to dad.

Dear Parent,

Warm greetings to you (How cheesy?!)

This is to bring to your kind (??) notice that the performance of your son in the class during this semester is a concern for the blah blah blah (...crap...) appears that your son has shortage of attendance.

Kindly make yourself available to meet the HOD of .......blah blah blah...more crap..(...some poop...).

With warm regards,
(yes that was quite warm thank you)

yours sincerely,
Dickhead of Town.

(And the sign looks like some 87 year old delusional dope locked up in a mental hospital attempting to write in Persian - " Weed in need ")

Thanks to Mahatma Gandhi and his Ahimsa principles, dad did not touch me all through Oct 2nd, after receiving this letter.
Well its a different story that he did more than touch me, after Midnight of Oct 2nd!
Now I really know what peace means. Gandhijiki Jai!