Saturday, 4 October 2008

Gandhi Jayanthi

A letter to dad.

Dear Parent,

Warm greetings to you (How cheesy?!)

This is to bring to your kind (??) notice that the performance of your son in the class during this semester is a concern for the blah blah blah (...crap...) appears that your son has shortage of attendance.

Kindly make yourself available to meet the HOD of .......blah blah blah...more crap..(...some poop...).

With warm regards,
(yes that was quite warm thank you)

yours sincerely,
Dickhead of Town.

(And the sign looks like some 87 year old delusional dope locked up in a mental hospital attempting to write in Persian - " Weed in need ")

Thanks to Mahatma Gandhi and his Ahimsa principles, dad did not touch me all through Oct 2nd, after receiving this letter.
Well its a different story that he did more than touch me, after Midnight of Oct 2nd!
Now I really know what peace means. Gandhijiki Jai!


  1. i wonder how gandhiji would react to all this?
    i guess he'd never heard of such a thing as attendence shortage.a pitiable situation rather,that final year degree students get letters that look like your son/daughter/ward is upto some serious mischief in college.....
    and the HOD has so much confidence in her flawless bunch of lecturers that she would rather swallow up a frog without blinking than accept that the lecturers suck big time!
    i dont see the point of getting our parents anyways,cause like the kannada song goes-"nodi swami,navirodu heege......"

  2. I am really glad tat u are alive even after getting invitation from HOD for Ramzan & Gandhi Jayanthi ! If Gandhi was alive he would have committed suicide after seeing this letter with "Warm regards" ... Dont worry each one of us wil send a letter to tat princi on children's day :P :P
    btw Happy Gandhi Jayanthi :)

  3. they think they can scare us wid a letter!!!!!75 n 85% attendance is shortage!!!somebody pls describe shortage to our ms.cantankerous...

  4. u know the price u pay for "piece"..!!!

  5. Thank god ! I am one year elder to u....I wonder how many such letters would have reached my doorstep otherwise!