Thursday, 16 October 2008

My worst test so far

I had my internals today and thanks to my awesome preparation and VTU's wonderfully interesting subjects, this is how both my tests went.

First 5 minutes - I was not even in class/hall (This was in the morning, in the afternoon I came on time)

5-10 Minutes - Took my question paper and filled in my USN, Name, Subject name and anything extra that I could write on the first sheet. Too bad I can't do this during the second test!

10- 20 Minutes- I stared at the question paper trying to give the teacher/invigilator an impression that I was actually going through it. Unfortunately, every time I looked up, she was looking dead straight at me

20-30 Minutes- Bond, James Bond. I was bending my head as low as possible and peeping into the blue books of the guys around me with an imaginary James Bond theme playing in the back of my mind. No, it was not helping!

30-40 Minutes - I manage to catch a glimpse of something from the book of my neighbour, and I write 4 and a half lines in the first page of my book until he turned his page.

40-45 Minutes - I write what I read in the morning newspaper(Business column) with very bad handwriting, so that she feels I wrote something subject related.

45- 50 Minutes - I busy looking at other people, trying to understand how these people ever manage to study and write so much. Wondering how I can never study like them. The invigilator is busy trying to catch me copying

50-55 Minutes - I revise what I wrote in the first sheet, checking and rechecking if all the details are filled properly

55-60 Minutes - I am writing page numbers at the bottom corners of each page.

60-65 Minutes - I make sure she catches me writing something in the last moment...just hoping against hope that she remembers this while correcting my book and doesn't understand a word of it.(Yes 5 Minutes and this was only in the morning, in the afternoon I was out on time)


  1. learn your lesson!!!
    start preparing for the next internal a little earlier than the morning of D-day!!!!

  2. better learn to come early and svcribble something on the desk or wall ;)

  3. Who is this new Iceman? Copycat!