Wednesday, 5 November 2008

A Jumbo ending

How much do 619 wickets equal in runs?
How much do they include when you are not really a spinner and when you are bowling more in India?
How many more runs do you get for inspiration in the dressing room and beyond?
Once in a century, a player emerges who gives justification to the tag line "The gentleman's game" and finally, all good things come to an end.
To Jumbo - The real gentleman. The greatest match-winner, if not record breaker, ever to honour the game.
All the best to the Silent Assassin.


  1. Short but very sweet. You may want to read my post on Kumble at

  2. He is a great inspiration for the young cricketers. Hope he starts some good academy to encourage cricketing talent in the youth.

  3. my first memories of kumble were that of him being namrath's fav cricketer.and also her distinction of kumble and her dad being the 2 most handsome men in the world sporting mustaches.the mustache might have vanished a lot earlier but the cricket didn't.and the number 619 is valid proof.will surely miss kumble....!!!!!

  4. At around 8 yrs of age, I had mentioned Kumble as my favourite cricket to my Coach Prabhakar, he expected me to turn into a Leggie. I didn't :P

  5. uncomparably calm and composed and by jove everytime!!!!