Monday, 24 November 2008

And soon it will all be gone

When college life got over, nobody knows
How in college life, all the time flows
seems like yesterday, I brought my bags here,
new place, new life, strangers a certain fear

Now, I ask myself, did I leave my mark?
A worthy voyage was it, or is the answer too dark?
Did I make enough friends? should ask the others,
made enough friends,sisters a soulmate and brothers?

years passed so soon, and I have worked hard
never ever did I let down my gaurd
I will get my answer in all the teary eyes
during farewell and half-hearted goodbyes

I now wish, I'd had more time,
just a little more, to make more friends mine,
marks will come and go, like success and all its hype
but, mark my words, friends will stay for life

I think I made some mistakes, probably caused some pain,
but, given a chance, I'll commit them again.
I have done what I had to, no regrets here
I've come out all guns blazing, in top gear.

Now, we are through, we are ready for the world
of uncertainaties they say,into which we are hurled
what happens in college, in college it stays,
Thats why, today is where we all part ways

Friends will be dejected, lovers will cry
find a new place to meet, let the spirits fly
This is an occassion to cheer, you have finally won
conquered the world, now waiting for the new sun.

I've definitely taken more than what was on offer
Let's just prepare to make the times, far better.
My bags are packed again, but can't meet all the eyes,
because we all the know the truth, Friends don't say goodbyes

You can defeat anything oceans,mountains and hills
why worry about education loans and coffee bills?
One parting thought,a suggestion, about college days,
Girls and boys - better enjoy it while it stays!

Cheers, to college life!

Written and posted a few months in advance, so that all of my batchmates enjoy what remains of their college lives!


  1. Too good guru! :)
    U have exactly written wat goes on in my(infact everyones) mind wen i think abt the fact that our college days are actually coming to an end.....
    Though we can meet even after college but nothin can replace the fun we have in college canteen/parking area/lab/class.....
    So as u said we will enoy it while it stays!!! :)

  2. hey great post!My sentiments,exactly!No matter where this world takes us,vl cherish these memories,forever!Lets make the best of these last few months of colg life before we say our goodbyes...N hey nobody cudve penned our thots betr than u have guru!thank u for that!

  3. Aiyyyyyyoooo... You will feel weight of each words written there after the college days... Enjoy the last few days and make it memorable...
    I miss my college days and friends very much..

  4. "I've definitely taken more than what was on offer"

    I hope everyone could feel the same way about their lives . .

    Excellent piece of poetry :). . Kudos to Guru

  5. N nice to kno that the number of good-friends you made in college bothers u more than the number of accomplishments or success stories :)

  6. very nice topic & interesting too !Fun at parking lot ,imitating lecturers ,free chutney & saagu at canteen :p ,etc - we miss all these in next few months :(.... Its very good tat u posted this topic before last sem .Just like an old classic "The Best Years of Our Lives (1946)" , let these Golden days be "The BEST DAYS of our lives" ...
    Thanks to insane Guru :D

  7. loved the line-what happens in college, in college it stays,
    atleast the college stays....:D
    i sure have left my mark,on every bench that ive sat on,by etching haathi kumari on it.
    college memories are made up these small things,and plenty of mistakes and advices.but surely the most glorious days of our lives....something that we will all cherish dearly until our false-teeth days!!!

  8. Its really good.U have written this at a right time.I think everyone feels the same.

  9. And btw, PEEEPAAALLLLs
    You aint supposed to make fun of the following lines:

    years passed so soon, and I have worked hard
    never ever did I let down my gaurd

    Its more like poetic liscence , which allows you to write incorrect stuff in a poem ;)

  10. top-drawer as usual!!!

    college life is full of flavours...hopefully life ahead wont get bland..going by ta poem am sure it wont..."friends dont say good bye"..

  11. "conquered the world, now waiting for the new sun."

  12. i cn say simply superb!!.. u hvnt left nythn!!.. hv written abt evrythn!!.. u jus rock dude!!.. jus dnt stop writin poems!!..