Sunday, 2 November 2008 cool

It was so much better then. I had my own place in my own world. Maybe it was insane then too but, at least I was innocent. So were everyone around. The petty fights, quickly forgotten, harmless quips, supportive teachers, the grunting bus driver, the bakery guy at the stop.
You didn't have to know who was lying.
Who is cheating.
Who is back biting.
Where Ekta Kapoor got her imagination from.
You didn't have to decide between doing two things as what would be right.
You didn't have to scold anyone nor defend anyone.
You didn't have to warn your buddies about anything.
You could expect anything from him.
You didn't have to worry about your friends image nor yours...cause you would be forgiven and everything forgotten anyway.
And personally I didn't have to wonder what all the perverts were commenting about Priya [Shame on you if you don't know her already - go scan my old posts]
You didn't have to win while being a handicap against teams taking potshots at you every now and then.
You didn't have to face people who chose to show hate than indicate.
You didn't have to wait to get online to speak to someone whom you sit next to in class.
You didn't have to listen to people talk about 'life' for everything. "Life is like is like that.."
These masters of philosophy make you feel like you got lost and entered into Baba Ramdev's ashram or something! The funniest situations turn into "life" changing statements for the unfortunate beings. I always thought finding love for everyone on earth was a stupid thought...get a life!
Nobody with crafty remarks that say you are ugly or lazy or dumb or just a fool, uncool.
You didn't have to worry about adding the right emoticons/smileys at every message just so that person at the other end does not think you are serious/dejected/angry.

Most importantly...
You thought everyone around you were friends for life and now you are not so mistaken.


  1. uncle...uve still a loooooooooong way to go to know whats backstabbing and all..come to the corporate world and u will know it...!!

  2. Aunty, who said anything about backstabbing? :P
    Anyway, don't worry Mr.Corporate, things will be ok soon =))

  3. i dont agree with you my school days were good but i prefer my today to those days :)

  4. school days were the best... I wish i never got old!!!.. If i had a time traveller i would have preferred to go back to those wonderful times.... I remember how we used to fight in classroom,playground,those band practice sessions,funny incidents in class,PT classes....
    But i must say my today is not bad cuz of friends like U!! :)

  5. good ones,but you still dont need to worry abt where ekta kapoor got her imagination from.i wonder wat her daughter-in-law might wanna say to her-kyunki saas bhi kabhi bahu thi????
    but one bad thing abt growing up is the dearth of enthusiasm that things are possible....
    and btw,you dont really have to wait to get online to speak to somebody,its just the way you think-the walls that you build around yourself that stops you from goiong out n saying hi,not waiting for them to get online

  6. @Nush
    I am seriously beginning to doubt you know me :P
    building walls n all.
    The line obviously means they hesitate to speak normally face-to-face

  7. oh-if thats wat it is,then i take back wat i said.