Friday, 7 November 2008

Stop Global Warming

I created this guy, over a year back, as a DP for my gtalk. The words, however, were not visible on it, so I had confined him to the deepest trenches of my file system.
No, no, wait I am not running out of topics to publish, be patient.

Today , thnx to Benne Batta, I searched around for a DP for orkut and found this guy, still smiling :)

I created him to look like me(Shabby hair, goatie and no, I don't wear an eyepatch ) , but unfortunately for my poor image-creation skills, he turned out to be a cute little fella.

Hello? You are missing the big picture... Stop Global Warming. (Don't just write about it ;) )

1) Burn less electricity - switch off that fan/AC/tubelight whenever you can do without them.
In other words, make sure all your fans get pissed off on you!
2) Walk to nearby places, or cycle, rather than a vehicle
Use efficient means of transportation. Govt. buses, would be great, but you wouldn't go that far would you?
3) Dont waste paper. (boycott exams)
4) Plant more trees, wherever , whenever possible. (water them all, in all possible ways- ask the trees on Chamundi hills "Who helped you grow?"
5) Don't cut trees either! No deforestation! You can chop off your own head instead.

I know what your question for me is, the answer is- Yes. To quite an extent!


  1. I don't think you should be saying "you don't follow them yourself, you have no right to tell us"
    Thats the typical Indian way of putting things off and eventually dismissing them.

    You should be saying I'll set an example.

    There will be a solid reason why One may not follow some of these but this article is not about those reasons.

  2. do not waste electricity people.with our lives currently punctuated with power cuts and load shedding,i'm sure that the day when we will be facing a major power crisis is in the near future only

  3. It would be very nice if u write similar thing on importance of being a vegetarian and Vegetarianism :-)

  4. With this image u r suppressing the issue of global warming...coz the guy is so cute tat ppl will actly elide the big picture!!!

  5. @Nush
    Good point

    Will be done


    I pretty much thought on the same lines, but he reminded me to write about it, so he has to be here!