Thursday, 13 November 2008

The bad boy of cricket!

Wise men speak, because they have something to say,
fools speak, because they have to say something!

This post is about beloved Dada, the wise man, who spoke from the mouth, bat and sometimes the ball, every single time he had something to say and silenced all those fools, who had said more than done.

" On the offside, there is God and there is Saurav "

The real bad boy. He exploded onto the indisciplined book of cricketers list , just like he exploded onto the cricketing scene with a century on début , by being the player pulled highest number times since the day ICC's code of conduct was introduced.

Bursting onto the scene was not enough for him. He pulled the Indian team out of its own ashes and re-invented what cricket meant in India. Now, the team wanted to win, than just be craze in the nation. Brought real competition into the side. Fiery blood and aggression is what he induced into the Men In Blue.
Invented the "Great Indian Huddle".
Finally became India's most successful captain.

Would you dare to take off your shirt and swirl it in the air (With or without profanity) in your college fest, let alone a packed stadium at Lords AND on international television?

" Guess who is back? "

Not afraid to speak his mind, he always left a lasting mark every time he spoke, through words or willow. Testimony to this fact is the point that he is 6th on the all time list of Man of the Match awards. Big deal? Try doing that when a billion+ people are trying to pounce on all your mistakes.(Go back up read fools)

Sent a silent chill down the spine of millions of people with his pepsi ad:
"Hi mera naam Saurav Ganguly hain....bhoole tho nahin?
...stadium main fir ek bar apna shirt ghumane ka moka dijiye "

It takes guts to shoot an ad like that, and utter honesty. Not self sympathy. He came back onto the scene, he was still there, his "Mentor" was not, and finally did what he wanted to. Took off his shirt one last time, swung it in the air and this time, threw it to the blessed fans below.

In the process, he showed people from all walks of life, what a fighting spirit means.

" It ain't over, till I say it's over!! "

To Dada,
The real fighter,
The Comeback King,
Sport's greatest script writer,
Capt'n Courageous.

For silencing all the fools, for putting Hollywood sports movies to shame and retiring on your own terms.

All the best


  1. that quote abt the off-side was by dravid.i remember reading's to the man who gave the perfect blend of sports-craze-masala-hype-success to the cricket frenzy media....this is a man who simply loves getting into controversies-involving his personal and professional life.abt the kinda ads he does,also remember one hero honda thing when he danced with hrithik roshan and another brilliant one with some team members and a lion too.sensationalizing cricket,and getting past each hurdle with's to the royal bengal tiger....we'll miss you!!!

  2. The Hero Honda ad was so dumb!!

  3. A true fighter who unmatchedly influenced the team!!!!