Friday, 14 November 2008

The three colours now - over the moon!

My love with the moon has been a long standing fact. Even as a kid, I seemed to be more intrigued by its a quite, luminescent presence in the skies, than other kids around. A lot of mummies might point out the good old "Chandamaama" while trying to feed them at night. But when the brains of these children evolve, they are bored of the same old moon that's been up there in the sky forever.
It was not the case with me. Yes, I was definitely bored with the "Chandamaama" thing. But the space, the stars, the vast unknown and especially the moon, so close to and yet so far, always captured my interest.

The fact that the main picture of this page you have been viewing all these days is of a moon, should be a testimony to my attraction to the 'heavenly bodies'. Its the picture of a moon rising over the Indian ocean. What an Irony isn't it?

Even among Pramukh's widely talent-filled range of photographs, three pictures caught my attention completely, no points for guessing which! I wanted to include one of those for this post, but decided having two images of a moon on the same page would not be a pretty good idea.

I was in 10th standard when ISRO first announced that they were planning a moon mission. In library it was a common sight to catch me with two other buddies with a big book on the universe, animateldly explaining to a bored pair of audience almost everything I knew about space(Deepak Madappa and Shoaib Ahmed - My closest buddies at the time). The day I had read about ISRO's announcement, I said something like this to them..
" You know, I always wished India started sending stuff into space and sh!t like that, but today I know India can't. You read the paper today? They want to go to the moon, hehe, you think the govt will fund that long? There will be some group that will protest and strike and this and that, the usual stuff that goes on in our country and it will be cancelled midway.
And they are gonna take till 2010 it seems. Bull!! I can't wait for that long. Mark my words, it will be cancelled"

Fast-Forward 6 years...

Few days back, I was elated when the rocket took off, some friends asked "You must be happy, but how come no blog on this? "
The reason was simple, I was still doubtful that the impact probe wont hit the moon. That the mission will fail. I didn't want to write about it before it was a success.

Yesterday night, the power is gone as usual, the only light available is that of the moon as I walk and walk admiring the stars. And the people on earth, they seem to look more beautiful at night.
I am glad Indian life in still dotted with power cuts.

Today morning,

Hayden proves again why Australians are pathetically sour loosers with his statement that implies that they lost the series only because India is a third world nation.

Anand Jon, a designer of Indian origin is convicted of sexual harassment.

Lt.Col Purohit - I am responsible for the blasts.

These three snippets of the news are one of the reasons why I doubted India's ability to land on the moon one day, Now, read on...

Indian Tricolors, have finally been planted on the moon.
The first country to land on the N Pole of the moon.
The 4th country to get there and we got there in style
Providing the world with High Quality resolution atlas images.
Maybe the country that discovers Helium-3 , the magic fuel.

Indian teams crushing victory over former colonisers is worth a mention?

All I can say after the news is...Ironic, simply ironic!!
Times are changing, rest of the world, sit up and take notice, Beware!!

India-You beauty, take a bow!


  1. u predicted wrong...the year is 2008 mr!
    surprising that we did not reach the moon at Indian Standard Time,like everywhere else.Thats good though.....

  2. well its an extremely unindian mission...we seemed to have not crossed our budget..can u beat tat??!!!

  3. Talking about the budget, INDIA has spent only 3% of the allocated budget for this mission. and in every way INDIA's mission to moon is the most economical and the best compared to the rest of the countries which have been there.. Isn't this awesome!!

  4. chuck budget n stuff.. be proud to be an Indian!! :)