Thursday, 6 November 2008

Wrong call Mr.Raj Thackeray

Raj Thackeray is perfectly absolutely perfect in what he is doing!
We all should support Raj Thackeray and take his initiative ahead by doing more...

1. We should teach our kids that if he is second in class, don't study harder.. just beat up the student coming first and throw him out of the school
(I'm sure Raj Tackeray would have come last even if he was the only student in the class)

2. Parliament should have only Delhiites as it is located in Delhi

3. Prime-minister, president and all other leaders should only be from Delhi

4. No Hindi movie should be made or shown in Bombay

5. We must not allow Marathis (or other outsiders) inside the Mysore Palace or Dasara Exhibition or the Pizza corner, simply because they are outsiders.

6. All Maharashtrians working abroad or in other states should be sent back as they are SNATCHING employment from Locals

7. Lord Shiva, Ganesha and Parvati should not be worshiped in Maharashtra as they belong to north ( Himalayas )

8. Visits to Taj Mahal should be restricted to people from UP only

9. Relief for farmers in Maharashtra should not come from centre because that is the money collected as Tax from whole of India , so why should it be given to someone in Maharashtra ?

10. Let's support Kashmiri Militants because they are right in killing and injuring innocent people for benefits of there state and community

Why didn't we think of this before? Raj Thackeray, we didn't know being shit jobless turns you into a genius.


  1. an awesome answer to that idiot out there

  2. hehehe-looks like raj thackeray always came second in class and thinks its time for sweet revenge....