Monday, 22 December 2008

Me, Myself and the voice inside my head

I am done for the day, tired of "studying" "so much" and I am lying on my bed all set for my "much deserved" rest.
I feel like a fool sitting BANG in the middle of Salt Lake stadium with all its lights on, thnx to the new street lights, outside my window!You can see me sitting right there in the middle

As I am lying there since I am not feeling sleepy, I begin to think...

" I want to achieve something in life. I want to leave a mark wherever I go, whatever field I am in. I want to be an inspiration to millions of people someday. I want to change the way people think, whether its about me or whether the way they look at their own life.

One day, I will be a great person. Someone who will be an inseparable part of the history books in the future..."

Suddenly the voice inside my head goes:

" Oh CRAP!"

Quite taken aback to -The voice's , two word reply to my 100 word heart-felt confession, I decide to just lie there, looking outside, into the silence, broken only by Pluto's scratching or running or hunting for the friendly neighbourhood bandicoots...suddenly, something else breaks the silence! Its the sound of a bullfrog. Yes!!! its my bullfrog. Its croaking..where is it? where it? Where is the god damned...PHONE? (Yeah its got a bullfrog ring tone - Kritika's favourite :P) I am delighted to know that somebody is thinking of me at this hour (11pm) and I find out it's P-Man's message it says:

"The sun has tired down,
The moon is looking over and smiling, Who says the day is over?
For all engineering students the day has just begun! So start studying..

I think...

" This guy is sitting down to study and I am already in bed....Where am I going with life? Where? Where? "

and the voice in my head goes..

" LIFE???? WHAT life????? "

What the hell? I already have a twin soul and it feels like I am in a crowd even when I am alone. And then, there is the voice! Sheesh!



  1. ur 22....surely you mustve figured out which one of your twins you gotta listen to by now...

  2. I get more confused with each passing day!