Wednesday, 31 December 2008

Resolutions for 2009

8 simple rules
(It's also one of my favourite TV shows ;) to ring out the old and ring into the new in Style!
*Wake up early.

*I will talk less.

*I will eat healthy, drink healthy. I will set my body clock right.

*I will improve my concentration and focus, so that I can work harder at whatever I do.

*I will stay away from the net (Does NOT include Insanity Unlimited!!!).

*I will follow a routine, and still ensure, my life does NOT get uninteresting.

*I will become a much better human being.(Boring resolution, but honest resolution)

To sum it all up in one resolution, I won't be such a looser! But, then I will still be same old Insane Iceman...if anybody cares!


  1. Good to see the same "Insane Man" in New avatar .Hope this year brings name , fame ,happiness & joy .. All the best :-)

  2. did you keep any or all of these resolutions? did any get revised as the year went on? why have you not written anymore for the years following 2008? or the years before? or have you made them just not made them public?

  3. @Becky

    I kept most of the resolutions. At least for 2009 :)

    I would get up early, eat right everything. I was in tremendous shape.

    Don't know how much I kept off the net. I watched a lot of movies around that time. As far as being a better human being is, I give it a 5/10 :P