Monday, 8 December 2008

So what am I trying to say?

Have you ever had this frustrating time when people try to find a different meaning within what you are trying to say? too...LIKE EVERY DUCKING TIME I WANNA SAY SOMETHING!

Most of you might have noticed that one of my last posts - "Do you have it in you?" has been deleted. My apologies to the people who read and/or commented, but I didn't want it on my blog anymore.
It was a simple post aimed at bragging about my non-existent fitness. Obviously, having been called a fitness freak during my 11th and 12th (I wonder if it was because of the 1 KM Swim and 21 KMs of cycling a day - Not sure), it gave me great pleasure to write something like that.
But unfortunately, yet again, it took a new meaning and turned into a Sympathy Special.
Gimme a break! Can't a man brag a little?

Other such incidents:
Q)You get a lot of forwards I guess? your phone doesn't stop ringing...
A)Oh you want me to send you some?

Q)My-ex girlfriend is so fat..
A)Are you saying you want a thin gf?
(No I said I want a big blue whale for a obese Blue whale)

I was curious to see how people regarded the group messages, as forwardable or not, so I ask...
Q)Do you forward my group messages to other people?
A)(Most common answer) do you want me to forward them?

Q)(Quip) Writing the movie names in all uppercase is a grammatical error :P
A)(Rubs) Oh you won't gimme the movies?

Q)My Ex-gf is so fat..(another one)
A)Are you saying you are Mr.Hunk?
(Will you let the God forsaken man crack his God forsaken joke?)

Q)I feel like cycling to college everyday, its a good exer...
A)Are you saying you can't afford for the gas?
(No..if I was saying that - then you would have heard it as...well...I CAN'T AFFORD THE GAS!)


Addition ;)
Q)Oh good I am not in the picture(because I don't like pictures)
A) Awww don't be so sad...

:O :O :O???


Harmless but still I-am-so-frustrated-I-wanna-jump-off-the roof sort of circumstances!

I am hoping you have got the point!
When I am saying I am means I am sitting! Unless ofcourse, I said standing and in which case you might have guessed, I will be standing(Beginning to get the drift? Good! Stick with me).
I will not be trying to say anything other than what those words suggest in the normal-people's standard english dictionary and what normal peoples grammar/literature etc,. would suggest!

The accuracy is regretted!


  1. hehehe.......cant believe ppl actually ask u questions abt your 'my ex-gf is so fat......' series.they are only supposed to be laughing at it....not poking their noses around for the origin of the joke...

    some geminian condolences from me......

  2. @VK no angry posts from me ;P you can trust that!

    @Nush... who else would know a Gemini :D

    There is a small addition in between, take a look!

  3. "The words of a man mean what he intends them to mean"

  4. its just an answer to ur title!!!