Monday, 15 December 2008

The curse of the street lights

It's night already and I am getting ready to go to bed after a tiring day. I haven't played any cricket, nor have I done any physical work as such. But, dad is now like a bot that's gone rogue. You are never too cautious with him.

I ready the mosquito nets and setup the laptop and every other gadget I use, like I do every night before callin' it. I switch off the lights and notice the bed is more lit up now than it has been all these 5 years of my stay in this house. It's because of a new street light, the KEB* installed RIGHT OUTSIDE MY BEDROOM WINDOW!

*KEB - Those who changed their names so many times(MESCOM/CHESCOM/ASSCOM) that I lost track what they are called now -- they never changed the sh!tty way they function.

Why I am sounding frustrated with that? That is because I can't sleep with even a wee bit of light shining on my face.
In fact I used to be kept awake because of a street light 2 streets away, which I see while lying on my bed. When I found out the problem, I grew cactuses and other plants outside the window. It didn't work out. Later used old notebook cardboards right in front of my face on the window to block the street light. But my best friend Pluto couldn't resist putting in his nose every night to try and wake me up, and later put in his paw to try and scratch me awake, ultimately dropping the cardboard into the narrow slit between the bed and the wall. Unfortunately it took him a whole year to realise that putting his paw in was never going to get me to getup and play with him.

Now I just close the bottom window sill. Slightly more suffocating...but 8 hours of sleep well earned! Provided, I sleep 8 hours, which is another important story of my life - for another post(Remind me).

The govt and its bodies, as I realise, works only efficiently when it causes more damage than help! I heard the "purpose" of this new ultra bright sodium lamp, which was made by the "Keep Iceman Awake" company, was to keep away drug addicts/over-enthusiastic couples and petty thieves from our neighbourhood!

Curse of the dreaded street light - back to haunt my nights.
You would know the gravity of this post if you knew the gravity of missing sleep!


  1. Alteast someone understands! phew!

  2. lets hope the keb are punctual with their power cuts to facilitate your sleep....

  3. uncle...night shift gal maadi...aaaga gothagutthe what missing sleep is..!!!! :( :(

  4. I know Guru, friday when i enetered our cross at around 10pm, i felt as if i had come to see KRS... I seriously looked like that with so many lights!!!

  5. @Anusha
    Yeah, like they will do something if it will help somone!

    @Smitha Aunty
    You are always sent home to compensate for the shift. And you dont have a problem with light do you?

    @Bill Austing
    Thnx for replying

    I wish I could be as delighted as I would be if I was in KRS!!