Tuesday, 30 December 2008

Things I learnt this year - '08

Another year flashing past, but it has been a year of amazing highs and heartbreaking lows - on a personal note of course.

Best moments - Getting back on the stage after the long exile. Small, but a stage nevertheless. In a whole new avataar.

Worst moments - My 5th sem results. Turned everything topsy turvy.

Good people - My circle of friends

Bad people - The terrorists.

There are a lot of things I learnt and hard-wired into myself this year, things that I just can't forget.

-I learnt to live a little

-I learnt to love a little

-More importantly I learnt to let go.

-I learnt that I can trust a few people with everything that I have. Terms and Conditions apply.

-I learnt that happiness doesn't always grow, sorrow doesn't always diminish, upon sharing.

-A thousand people may ridicule your jokes, because they love doing that, but it might be lighting up somebody's day. That alone, surpasses the thousand people in itself.

-Once you sell your soul to the devil, you can never buy it back

-Yes the world is an unfair place. I was wrong to say I can play a part in fixing it and yet I am not giving up.

-I got the full taste of cunning as well as the loyal.

-I learnt that I was right when I said, Insanity is the way to be!

I also found out that, like every year, black dots and coloured flowers decorated my journey further into the mysterious unknown.


  1. another that you've only written for 2008 - will you write another blog on things you have learned about yourself? We change so much as we grow so I think this year you should write another like this.

  2. Maybe I should. Let us see..