Saturday, 31 January 2009

End of the horrifying hiatus

" Hey, have you noticed? He ain't blogged for a few days "

" Yeah, where is he? "

" I think he is dead. "

" Oh that's sad na?....So, who is hungry? Let's go grab some grub "

" Actually I think he might have had an accident or something "

" Oh yeah, someone told me he fell and broke a leg? "

" I thought it was something about a snake "

" Hmmm, what if he is dead? "

" Won't that be a dead blogger and sh!t like that "

" Yeah totally...we can spread rumours like this blog is haunted and will be so awesome! "

" Heehee...You are the master when it comes to these things. Maybe we could also.."

I don't know/couldn't see who were speaking, but immediately I woke up. Every dream they say has a meaning - no matter how weird or silly it is, I understood what my dream meant and immediately got online...


  1. I thought u will be online even in ur dream ! probably i was wrong .. I cant call u " Mr.24x7 online " :P

  2. this is a commendable level of dedication!!!since ta dream therez gonna be no recession in the blog economy..i hope!