Thursday, 15 January 2009

Idiots, Cuckooos & Crackpots (ICC)

Honestly I am sick and tired of listening to it. When the country should be worried about terrorists and about wars with the Pakis (If we got the balls - or else we can always resort to 'Bi-lateral' talks which has worked so well so far), the news channels can't stop talking about the exclusion about Sachin from the All time Top 20 greats.

We know he is good, who cares if he is on some dumass list of a dumass cricket organisation or not?

You know what's more crap than that? Their procedure to calculate the so called "All-time greats"! It's gotta do something with some one series or something like that - spare me the details!

Hey look the Don is at the Top, my-O-my am I surprised, must be his lucky day!!

But I was definitely not surprised to see Mike Hussey (at number 18) on the list! uh-uh..not surprised at all!

1 Don Bradman (AUS) 961 v India
2 Len Hutton (ENG) 945 v West Indies
3 Jack Hobbs (ENG) 942 v Australia
4 Ricky Ponting (AUS) 942 v England
5 Peter May (ENG) 941 v Australia
6 Clyde Walcott (WI) 938 v Australia
7 Viv Richards (WI) 938 v England
8 Garry Sobers (WI) 938 v India
9 Kumar Sangakkara (SL) 938 v England
10 Matthew Hayden (AUS) 935 v England
11 Jacques Kallis (SA) 935 v New Zealand
12 Mohammad Yousuf (PAK)933 v West Indies
13 Graeme Pollock (SA) 927 v Australia
14 Everton Weekes (WI) 927 v New Zealand
15 Dudley Nourse (SA) 922 v England
16 Doug Walters (AUS) 922 v South Africa
17 Neil Harvey (AUS) 921 v South Africa
18 Michael Hussey (AUS) 921 v West Indies
19 Denis Compton (ENG) 917 v Australia
20 Sunil Gavaskar (IND) 916 v England

Well, I got no clue what all this is about..but looks like we will be seeing a lot of blogs about this one!(Definitely not anymore here)!

I'm looking forward to something more like "20 more terrorist butts fried today"
And before any of you ethical-peaceful beings go on a morcha in front of my house, let me add, I'm no war fanatic. Saying anything more will just be another debate, buts for another blog!

Oh where were we? yeah ok... ICC sucks!

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  1. yeah this too Top 20 greats list is makin too much noise.. there are more serious issues to discuss and put an end to.. anyways Sachin's non-inclusion doesnt lessen his greatness neither does it make him stop breakin records!