Friday, 2 January 2009 stealing your password?

*Friendly Internet Warning*(Not anymore)

This post - I have deleted(or edited out everything) as I had promised to Indyarocks!
My account on their site has been deleted and so I am doing my bit in deleting this post now.

Their founder Kalyan has informed me(Through mail) that he personally oversees every new feature added to their website and there is no way that the information of the users on Indyarocks can fall into wrong hands.

I request the users not to take any action based on my articles, which is probably based on circumstances only I encountered (or realised).

Indyarocks wants to overtake Orkut very soon and I have no intention of harming their chances!

Happy new year to Indyarocks :D
All the best!


  1. Thnx for this info.
    I trusted Inyarocks before, but I've learnt a lesson now.... thnx gain

  2. Hi,

    This is Kalyan from Indyarocks. Thought I should correct your mis-understanding about Indyarocks.

    How did we know about your friends Bday? Well he is part of your network on Indyarocks and when he registered he added his Bday. As he is in your friends network our system automatically sent a reminder to you about his B'day. This feature has been a boon to many and all users of Indyarocks love this feature. This data was not mined from any other source but from the data present in your own friends network on Indyarocks.

    Would like to assure you that Indyarocks is not run by irresponsible people. We have strict privacy policies and we have invested lot of money in ensuring that user data is safe.

    Would greatly appreciate if you could change the Title of your blog and also correct your Blog accordingly. If you need more clarification, please feel free to mail me at info @ . Will be more than happy to answer any queries you might have.


  3. @Kalyan
    Instead of saying I have misunderstood, why don't you check whose been naughty within your own organisation?

    I have clearly explained why you CANNOT have known about his Bday!

    I have not added him! He has no added me. It is impossible. I know him since October.

    You may not be irresponsible, since you did enough to respond and try to clear the air. But something is definitely fishy!
    I am not changing any title!

    As I said, so far no harm done, but I am not taking any chances.

    Thnx for replying

  4. Hi

    Can you pls. email me your Indyarocks Login ID to info @ Would like to explain it with proof from your own account. I really want to prove our point here as there is no way for us to access your friends details from other sites and there is no way any one in our organization could have done this as there are very strict rules on how information is handled at our Organization and the fact that we do not store any of your email/orkut login details.

    I am very confident about our stand and it is very important for me to regain your trust on Indyarocks.

    Pls. do get in touch with me....


  5. hello
    i am abhi from mumbai, i want to thank you for posting this because even i had realised that they are making use of my password but i had no way of warning people about these people
    thank you again

  6. Thank you
    its tru indyarocks makes use f ur password my friend said she found something suspicious, everyone should kno this

  7. u shudnt hav deletd ur article
    everybody must know this indyarocks steals ur passwords

  8. yes some people are doing it
    tats y people left the site
    u post more stuff on this iceman