Thursday, 1 January 2009

Nerdiest New year's eve


First of all, let me wish you all a
Happy new year!!!

if I haven't explicitly done that already on Insanity Unlimited!!!

The most common question right now - What did you do for the new year?
Well, the answer would be unsurprising at best - I was studying!

Like duh!
Everyone were! But, hold on you..I got a little surprise.

This new year's eve marks my first ever night out!
I can hear you saying " Huh! Height of lying ". But it ain't so!

Yeah baby! That's gonna go down in the " Things I learnt this year '09 " list for sure!
Mr.Romantico (The same guy with three girlfriends) came over to have a look at all the questions papers for C# and I had this brainwave (Don't faint now, I really did have one), I said
" Hey , yo...stay over for the night homie"

Lo n behold, we are all set to give me my own first ever night-out!
(Keep your geeky gay jokes to yourself )
I went from 10 AM on 31st to 6AM on 1st Jan non-stop...I have gone days before sleep , but this is the first time I have gone on a study marathon. Being a guy who can't study for 40 mins straight, I will definitely remember this day!

The only break I took was to send that SMS on Insanity_Unltd SMS group,

"To all the members of my group-
I love you all...umm no actually no I don't, but hey!
Happy new year "

Almost 10 people thought I was completely drunk after recieving my message and they all replied, something like - " Stop partying, go home, get sober and study for tomorrow , Happy new year "
I took me a while to understand why they sent those messages!

BTW, in a way I already started well with my first resolution, call it wake up early, or go to bed really really late, Im gonna say I satisfied it! So far, so good!

The exam was okie dokie, but with 2 and half hours to go for the new year, I didn't even look like I would pass, I had prepared for some 10 marks worth! Again, Nush and R's selected topicsu saves my day! Hurray...My heroes!

C'mon, its a big deal for me...I know you are wondering what's so great about all this...NERDS!


  1. We are sooo proud of you !!! . .

    *stifled sobs* . .
    I hav been deeply moved and touched by your motivation, dedication and all other applicable "tions" . .

  2. i had heard someone say that the way you spend your 1st jan-you end up doing the same things for the entire year.

    hope its does not turn out to be true in your case.....

  3. Thank god My night-out moved somebody other than just the curious beat police!

    Yeah,I heard that too..if that resolves to mean "working hard" I am ready to do that everyday of the year..since I am the laziest person on earth!